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My Anti-Eyebrow Broke My Heart

Last spring I became dead-determined on getting something pierced. I'm not sure that it was peer pressure or rebellion that spurred it so much as proving to myself that I could do it. I'd never gotten a piercing in my life but I was convinced that I loved the feel of needles against my skin--I actually got a rush off donating blood & plasma.

It was 2 weeks prior to D-Day (the day I'd decided I was going to get something pierced, no matter what) and I hadn't decided on a location. My best friend at college (a surface piercing buff) showed me a picture of a girl with an anti-eyebrow, and I was instantly hooked.

D-Day (April 2nd 2006) came and I was scared shitless. Not having any piercings besides my ears (done when I was 5), I expected an extreme amount of pain. I was hyperventilating almost all day. I remember calling my little sister, playing video games all day, even drinking a shot of vodka in attempt to calm myself down. In retrospect, I think the paranoia, the fear I felt beforehand was more painful and agitating than the piercing itself.

The aforementioned surface-pierced friend accompanied me to Dead Rockstar, a body art parlor in Fargo, ND. Haylee was the name of the girl that did my piercing. She had at least 16 visible piercings--this earned my respect right away, since I knew that she'd probably been through a lot with them and would be able to give me some solid advice.

After picking out the jewelery (a 16 ga blue curved titanium barbell) she took the in the back room. I felt cornered with my friend unable to come in for sanitary reasons. Haylee calmed me down quickly by explaining every procedure to me and putting in a Mars Volta album. After deciding on where to place it she sat me in the chair. I went in to some sort of trance-like state, perhaps because I was so scared of how it might hurt. She told me when she was ready to use the needle, but I felt braced & ready.

I felt a quick pinch on my cheek and that was it. She quickly stuck the needle in and replaced it with jewelery. I seriously don't remember that much of it because it was so quick and barely painful. The sensation of the needle breaking my skin felt like a strong pinch on my upper cheek, and it was over in a split-second. Minimal bleeding. I always found it funny when strangers commented how it "must've hurt like a bitch," because I've felt more pain from bumping my knee.

I came out of the piercing room with this euphoric feeling. I think it was because I'd felt so afraid beforehand, but that fear was instantly relieved when I felt the pinch and then nothing more.

Haylee advised me to clean my piercing with a cotton ball soaked in sea salt water (1 tsp of uniodized sea salt and 1cup of water) 4-5 times daily. I did everything in my power to take care of it.

I loved everything about it. I loved the reactions that I got from people, the way it looked feminine but still edgy, the way it made my eyes look brighter. Understand that I've lived in the midwestern United States my whole life. Most people who live here are conservative, and just a lip or eyebrow piercing is considered radical. Most of the response I got was positive. Mostly girls from age 16-20 commented on it, expressing that they liked how unique it was (none that I spoke to had ever seen one before). I got a ton of compliments on how well it fit my facial features.

My family absolutely despised it. They bitched and moaned about it for ages. My dad even offered to buy me a tattoo in exchange for taking it out (however, he recently changed his mind when I informed him that I wanted to get R2-D2 from Star Wars tattooed on my thigh).

I managed to wear the jewelery for 2 months afterwards. I'd only read a little on rejection before I got the piercing--the little research I'd done had left me with the impression that if I took good care of my anti-eyebrow, I'd be able to keep it for a long time. I did everything to make sure that I took good care of it and cleaned it as often as possible.

However, after experiencing a little redness and crusting of dead skin cells, I had a local piercing parlor take a look at it. They confirmed that it was was showing early signs of rejection, based on how much of the curved barbell was visible just from looking at it.

They explained to me that any piercing that's close to a bone (whether facial or surface) will reject eventually (when depends on the person). They also said that my anti-eyebrow was in an early stage of rejection--taking it out immediately would reduce scarring, while waiting would mean keeping it longer but more scarring.

Just after visiting the piercing parlor I took it out, figuring that the permanant scarring wasn't worth it. That was 5 days ago, and I must say that I am absolutely heartbroken. I feel like I've cut off my nose or something. I miss the physical feeling of it being there as well as the comments I got from strangers on how cool it was.

I believe that the experience of getting an anti-eyebrow piercing would be worth it for someone who's had at least one facial piercing. I wanted to brave my fears by getting a facial piercing, but it was hard for me to part with my anti-eyebrow so quickly (when all along I'd desired something more permanant).

Honestly, it makes me a little sad to see that most people who try for an anti-eyebrow piercing already have 3 or more piercings on the face alone. With so much metal on just your face it's so hard to appreciate the beauty of just one piercing individually. The anti-eyebrow is special in the sense that people notice it instantly, and that it looks even more gorgeous when it's the only piercing on your face. Any other visible piercings on your face just subtract from its appeal.

As for now, I'm on the lookout for another unique type of piercing (one that doesn't look too intimidating or masculine). Perhaps I can piss off my family a little bit more. Please email me with your stories of you spot one or have one.


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on: 14 June 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Haylee
Studio: Dead+Rockstar
Location: Fargo%2C+ND

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