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And It Actually Happened.

So I wanted an eyebrow piercing for more than three years.

But my parents are rather conservative as far as piercings and tattoos go, I think only partly to do with our Jewish heritage – but that didn't help. Anyway, note here: the fact that I ended up convincing my parents (dad was to be insurmountably more difficult then mom, who actually thought it might look 'cool')(she's an artist) is a miracle in itself (no I'm not religious, just a choice of words) and I guess some of the arguments I put forward really worked. Guess it helped I was sincere.

Anyway. On to the piercing.

So I planned with a few friends to go for lunch then the piercing – more because it was study leave and we'd not seen each other in a while. So we go there, and... great. The guy isn't there (-day after "666" – what do you expect right? All-nighter that night equals not exactly lively the next day). An hour and a half later of reassurances and the guy, Ross, arrives, his wife Julia was already there but she's the tattooist, and I don't think I'll ever pull off getting one even if I wanted. Anyway. Digressing.

He eventually takes me into the room and starts talking to me about the piercing, asking what kind of barbell I want through (longer or shorter) – in favor of wanting this to stay in as long as possible I chose the longer barbell.

He marks off the two dots over my right eyebrow (- was originally to be my left, but after several nights of being hopeless in attempting to change my sleeping habits, thought it would be safer this way) and I checked them in the mirror.

I was partially surprised when he had me just sit down rather then lie down, I almost suggested he have me lie because I didn't know if I was going to flinch or whatever. But I'm shy so I just sat. Ross shows me the sealed packet with the needle in it, has put on fresh gloves, opens the packet and gets the last bitch and pieces ready. He does the clamp, asks me to close my eye, and simply pushes the needle through.

Well I have to admit it did hurt a bit, but just enough to make my eyes water a bit – it basically feels like getting an injection, except for that it hurts a tiny bit, is in an Extremely random place, and except for that you feel the needle come out the other side of your skin.

One of my friends is snapping pictures through the whole thing (smart girl no flash), the others are excited (couldn't beat me though), and one asks how it is, I said it stings a bit but laugh it off. Ross tells me the worst is over as he slips the jewelry easily through, visibly enjoying the ongoing antics of my friends and I (one of my friends is a hypochondriac and a cynic, but not to an exorbitant amount – the cynicism anyway, so she was throwing in the absolutely most random comments and concerns).

When I get up I admit I was a bit shaky, but barely noticeable, and more than anything else I was Ecstatic. I couldn't believe it. The last time I was in this piercing shop I was ranting about wanting one, and I Never Ever thought I'd be back here, with my parents "Permission", with a barbell through my eyebrow. I was beyond ecstatic. I could not stop grinning (and hey, for me this is a big deal, as I'm also labeled as being largely negative or quiet about my emotions usually) and I was basically jumping around that room.

It's shocking. Something that takes barely seconds made me elated beyond my imagining. Endorphins right haha extreme adrenaline rush. My friends couldn't stop grinning either, it was electric, my smile, for once.

So it's done, and as I'm just peering in the mirror, Ross is laughing along with my friends cynicism and my excitement and comments, and then Julia comes in and gives me a piece of paper explaining to me how to take care of the piercing, and Ross is verbally informing me of what to do and not to do. And me, having friends with piercings, having gotten other piercings (one not so known)(but hey I took that one out)(mom discovered it hah) and just having read up on stuff, I mostly nodded, agreed, and commented on what he was saying.

Actually asked him what the deal was with people saying you can get your face paralysed and that it's really dangerous getting your eyebrow pierced - he explained to me how tehre actually isn't much if any worry - the only place a nerve is, is in the middle of the eyebrow, and apparently its so far beneath the surface that only an incompetent or whatever would end up reaching it and screwing up your face. But hey, maybe he's wrong, maybe he's right, but it sounded plausible.

Then... I paid, and it was done!

And I could not be happier with it.

...Though my dad is still trying to pay me off to remove it already hahah...


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 14 June 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Ross
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