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The Bridge Between Normal and Pierced.

Every since I seen one of my boyfriend's friends, Zack, have a bridge piercing I feel in love.  I knew that someday I wanted one, but every time I had the opportunity to get it done, I delayed it.  The main reason I delayed getting it is because Zack is the only person I have seen around here with it and I did not feel comfortable stealing his idea and getting one done to.  I know it is a silly thing, but I did not want to copy him.  I was the first one out of all my friends to get a Monroe piercing and another girl I knew loved it and got one done to.  I remember feeling at the time copied and it was a strange feeling and since then I have tried not to copy people. 

Even though I did not want to copy Zack, every time he came over to my house I could not help but stare at the gorgeous piercing between his eyes.  It was a Monday night when I finally could not stand looking at him anymore and I came into the computer room and got on BME and started to look at girls with Bridge piercing.  I have glasses but I was not worried about how that would look, as Zack has glasses and I see in person it still looks good. 

It was about 11 pm on Monday when I gave in to temptation and decided I had to get a Bridge piercing.  It sucked because it was a Monday night and the only piercing shop opened on Monday's closed at 10 pm so I would have to wait till the next day. 

I was really nervous about telling my boyfriend I wanted to get this done, I already had 6 facial piercing: 2 Eyebrow, Nose, Monroe, Labret, and Side Lip.  His opinion means a great deal to me.  It took a lot of nerves and a few hours to work myself up to tell him I wanted to get it done, but I finally did.  He assured me that it would look good and he would like. 

The next thing I was nervous about was where would I get it done and how much would they charge me.  I wanted to get it done as soon as possible, when I get the urge to do something, I have to get it done right then.  Most piercing around here is only $5, but the Bridge was not common.  Finding a place to pierce it and having a decent price was going to be a challenge.    The first place I called was Evolution they wanted $15 but the piercing guy would not be in for 4 hours, so I called Altered Image and Spot of Ink, both of which wanted $20.  I only had $5, but I managed to bum my mom off $10.  Having only $15, I had to wait 4 hours to get the piercing done. 

Finally at 4 pm I had my friend to call Evolution (he wants friends with the piercing guy) to confirm the piercing guy was in and that it was $15 (they guy that answered earlier said he "thought" it was $15).  I found out that the piercing guy would not be in until tomorrow.  I almost gave up after that, I had to borrow $10 from my mom and asked a friend for $5.  I did not, however, give up, I was determined, and I went over to my dad's house and asked for $5.  I ended up getting $6 more. 

It was a little after 4 pm now and we all set off to Spot of Ink, Taste of Steel.  We walked in and told them what we wanted to get done.  The owner was there but was not feeling to well, so they called the other piercing guy.  Turns out he was at his second job and could not come in.  I was obviously disappointed and the guy suggested going to Evolution.  I told him the guy was not in, but called anyways and they said the same thing.  I was disappointed and Doc overheard me leaving saying, "I do not want to go to Altered Image". 

Doc stopped my friend, Jake, and apologized and told him to bring me back tomorrow and whatever I do, do not go to AI: Altered Image.  Jake told him we would not and thanks for being so cool.  I really felt bad after Jake told me how nice he was and considered coming back the next day, but like I said, when I am determined, I am determined. 

It had taken me hours to come up with the money and I was going to get it done today.  I told Josh, my boyfriend, and Jake we were going to Altered Image, even against what everyone said.  Seriously, I do not know why people hate Altered Image so much.  I know they have a reputation of doing piercing crooked sometimes, but my tongue and lip ring were both done there and doing just fine. 

Anyways, we got there around 4:30 and told the guy what I wanted to do.  I was relieved that the guy that did my Monroe crooked and my Lip Ring was not there and the owner Lance was.  I was relieved until the guy told me that Anthony liked to do this type of piercing and would want to do it.  I have nothing against Anthony, he is really quiet and never did anything mean to me, I was just nervous, he pierced my Monroe crooked and my Lip Ring a little of and I really did not want this new piercing crooked.  I did not really care with my Lip Ring; it tilts anyway and cannot tell its crooked, but this Bridge needed to be really straight. 

Anyways, I said all right, I was determined to get this done.  I would give Anthony another chance, I know part of the reason my Lip Ring was crooked was because I was determined to get it where I wanted it.  He was not in yet, he would be in at 5 pm and the guy offered to let us hang out, but we decided to come back.  We went and got a drink with the extra dollar and stopped by a few places. 

We got back a little before 5 pm and I filled out the paperwork.  Two girls were in the back getting a piercing with Lance.  A little after 5 pm, Anthony got there but the girls were still back there so he went for a walk outside.  Another girl came in wanting her eyebrow pierced and she had to wait to.  I sat in a comfy chair next to my boyfriend and Jake standing up.  We chatted with the counter guy until the girls came out.   

It was about 5:20 and Anthony took the eyebrow girl back first, since it was faster and easier.  About 5:25 she was done and less than a minute later he was leading me to the back room.  It was finally my turn!  He had me lay down on the table that he pulled out, usually they do piercing sitting up.  The nice girl that helped me fix my nose ring when I needed it changed came in to watch. 

He told me it might bleed and rubbed some lotion stuff on it then messed around with the dots.  After a few minutes he told me to look, I sat up and looked in the mirror next to the wall and nodded.  I was nervous and glad it was finally time to get it done that I did not pay much attention to the placing.  After I looked, I lay back down and he put those evil clamps on my nose.  He had to fiddle around about a minute to get the clamps straight on the dots.  The clamps were very uncomfortable.  Easy way to describe how they felt is to simple pinch your nose with your fingers and hold it there for about 5 minutes. 

Anyways, the clamps were finally positioned right on my nose and he picked up the needle.  He had been talking to me prior to this asking me why I wanted to get it done and was actually being nice.  He barely talks and it surprised me that he was talking to me.  Anyways, he told me to take a deep breath and he pushed the needle in halfway.  I did not feel one thing so far; I just felt something moving through my skin.  He paused for a few seconds then pushed the needle all the way out.  I knew it came out because I heard and felt a popping sound and my left eye started to water a little.  The needle hurt a little bit coming out, but the pain actually hurt less than a pinch on the skin.  The most painful part was the clamp; I was more concentrated on that than the actual needle.  After the needle was in, he took the clamp off, but he kept his hand on my new piercing pinching it.  He slides the jewelry in the needle and pulled it out.  I felt the jewelry go through my nose.  They jewelry felt really fat going into my skin and felt like a pressure but it did not hurt at all, the only pain came form his hand pinching my skin.  Once the barbell was through he left go and I almost sighed in relief.  The pinching and clamp was off, I felt so much better.  That clamp really bothered me for some reason.   

After the jewelry was in, he put on the end ball.  It hurt a little to put the ball on but that was only because he pinched my new piercing to hold it still and accidentally bumped my new eyebrow piercing with his arm when turning it.  After he was done, I laid down a moment then sat up and talked to the girl that watched, she had a lot of questions like did it hurt, what did it feel like and do you like it.  I told her it hurt a lot less than my nose piercing and the only thing that bothered me was the clamp and I was surprised at how easy and painless it was. 

I went up to the front and paid and thanked him, and then we went out to the car.  I looked for the first time in the mirror and was instantly confused.  My friend that got his Bridge done had a straight barbell in it and mine was curved.  I was a little shocked and nervous he did it wrong at first, but the more I looked at it, the more I realized that a bent barbell looked better on me.  The balls faced forward and were more accessible to put in cute jewels to match my set.  The barbell was extremely small and sat just above my glasses and looked adorable. 

I am a little worried that it is crooked, but I cannot really tell right now, it swelled up a little and it has been bleeding some.  He told me it would and it is not really bothering me, I cleaned it off twice and it looks fine besides the swelling.  I really like jewelry and placement, I am just worried if it is crooked or not, guess I will find out in a few days. 

To clean it he told me to clean it like my eyebrow, with Dial and Sea Salt.  I plan to give this piercing more attention than my others; I am more worried of rejection.  I love it so far and if you are thinking about getting it done, I highly suggest it!  And if you are in Indiana, so far I have had good experiences with Altered Image, just know what you want and tell them.  If you have any questions feel free to email me and happy piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 June 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Anthony
Studio: Altered+Image
Location: Lower+Indiana

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