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"That was it?" My bridge

My friend and I were sitting at the local Promenade Mall when the idea struck us that May 26th would be the perfect day to go get metal shoved in our faces. (No time like the present!) My friend, who had already gotten her tongue and lip pierced [the latter by a piercer at Brookside] said she knew of a great, clean place and so- off we went. I immediately thought I had to get my bridge done, seeing as how I've wanted one for over four years- but on the spur of the moment hundreds of ideas flood your mind. The line, "Why can't I just get everything pierced?" came out of my mouth more than once. 

We got into the shop and were greeted with nice conversation (which made me less nervous. I've been to some mean piercers- if someone gives you attitude, run.) by a man who I've completely forgotten his name (and believe me, I feel horrible). My friend pointed out that he had been the one to pierce her lip, but another man was to do ours. My friend started asking questions about septum retainers, how easily she could hide it and gauges causing a chain reaction of questions about what kind of gauge goes in a bridge, which I'm sure the nice guys at Brookside are really tired of answering. We paid and I got to listen about cleaning while the jewelry was being prepared. I was getting pretty nervous, but having John? say, "We're going to do the bridge first, if you don't mind. It takes a little longer to line up" was MUSIC TO MY EARS. No escaping now. 

When I climbed up on the table, we began the process of awkwardly staring at my face. Which was great, because awkward moments are my favorite. He was marking my bridge with a toothpick when my nervous facial spasms started. The top of my face is really animated (my eyebrows won't stop moving) which made it hard to line up the dots. The man has got patience, but you know he had to be tired of my twitches and snickering. After that, an even greater awkward moment: both piercers and my best friend get to stare at my face! I was getting spoiled with all the attention. Anyway, 

I laid back and excitedly had my eyes open. Within seconds I heard a, "You'll probably want to close your eyes for this one." I heard my friend go "..eh.. Oh.. Oh god." So that was my cue that, he had already pierced me? I felt the faintest sting, but it was hard to tell when I felt it or what it was. I was completely creeped out by that one.  

After my friend got her septum done we left, got some weird looks for my friend yelling "It feels like there's a giant booger in my nose-- and look, it's making me bleed profusely!" and me insisting that I still felt nothing. Karma was out to get me though, because I had totally ran over a turtle earlier (Don't worry, I cried). So, later that night I had washed my piercing for the 8584752nd time and prepared to go to bed. Long story short, a giant spider jumped ON MY FACE and onto my hand, causing me to flip out. After an hour of hunting for the spider, I went to bed. I woke up and lazily opened my eyes only to see what seemed to be.. something.. sitting on my face. Of course I'm convinced there's a spider sitting on my eyeball so I immediately smacked myself in the face. It only made sense that I hit my piercing and caused pain, redness and a lot of cursing of all spiders on the face of the planet. The next day I contemplated calling up to the shop and seeing if I should come in, because the entry hole was leaking a lot. I had been told my piercing WILL have discharge and there will be some crusty stuff on there at random times of the day. Now, if I could cut back my nervous eyeglasses pushing-up and bothering my piercing, it will probably heal a lot faster. Right now it's just a little red, the swelling is down, and it seems to be pretty straight. For a  7 day old piercing, it's not looking bad at all. 

If you're wanting a bridge, go for it. There's a lot of different colors and sizes of balls for the barbells so you can hide it almost completely when needed. So, if you're in Tulsa and needing to get poked, I'd trust the guys there with staring at my face and piercing me all over again. Wherever you go, be prepared for a lot of staring. :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 June 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: john%3F+hood
Studio: brook+side%2Fbody+modification%2Fpeircing+by+nicole
Location: tulsa%2C+ok

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