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My first facial piercing.

Ever since I was in middle school, I have always wanted my eyebrow pierced. I was always too young so there was no luck of me getting it then. And my parents did not like the idea of me getting a needle stuck through my face. At sixteen I asked my mom if there was anyway that I could get my eyebrow pierced. She said no, so I left it alone. The next year around my birthday, I asked my mom if I could get it pierced. She gave me a 'we will see' and I knew that I had a chance. After a few weeks of telling her how much it meant to me and how easy it was too heal she told me to ask my dad. I asked my dad and he said it did not bother him. So I was on my way of getting my eyebrow pierced. I called Bodyrites and set up an appointment to get it done.

The day finally came for me to get my eyebrow pierced. I first went to get something to eat, since they told me to eat at least an hour before I come in, so I would not feel lightheaded and then my mom drove me to Bodyrites. On the way there I was grinning from ear to ear. I was filled with excitement, glee, and just overwhelmed. When we first got there the guy behind the counter greeted us and we told him that I had an appointment for my eyebrow. My mom and I had to show our IDs to prove that we were related. The guy gave my mom forms to fill out saying that she agreed and afterwards he explained to both of us on how to take care of the piercing. I guess he has to do that with everyone that is underage. I picked out the standard 16g curved barbell and we paid for the piercing. We waited in the room for the jewelry to get cleaned. While waiting we looked through the magazines they had and the portfolio of their work. Sarah came out of the room where the jewelry was being cleaned in and put it into the piercing room.

Sarah called me into the piercing room and told me to have a seat on the long, plastic chair. She had gloves on and had the jewelry in a plastic bag. She also explained to me the aftercare of the piercing and asked if I had any questions. After I said no, she put some cold gel on my left eyebrow to clean it with. She then took a toothpick and dipped it into purple dye. The first mark she made was toward the center of my eyebrow and I had it moved a little more toward the end. She then had me lay down on my back with my head turned slightly to the right. My mom at this point decided to turn her head because she did not like the idea of a needle piercing me. Sarah had me work on my breathing while she got the needle and the clamp ready. I started breathing in and out like she instructed me to do, even though it was hard because I was so excited and anxious. Sarah changed her gloves (which she did a few times, but I definitely remember this time) and applied the clamp to my eyebrow. The clamp did not hurt or feel too uncomfortable, but I was not paying much attention to it. She then told me to keep breathing normal and that she was getting ready to pierce me, which at this point I decided to close my eyes. She counted to three and the needle slid through my eyebrow. It did not hurt, it was just a prick and then it was over.

Sarah had me lay on the plastic chair for a minute just to make sure I was ok. She asked if I felt lightheaded and I told her that I was not. I got up slowly and looked in the mirror. I thanked Sarah and tipped her for a doing a great job. When I left the room the receptionist told me that it suited my face; I thanked them and left.

The piercing was sore only when I raised my eyebrow a few times, but it was not bad like I expected it to be. It was easy to sleep at night since I don't sleep on the left side of my face at all. They advised me not to start cleaning it till the next day. The next morning I woke up and used the soap that they gave me and rinsed it off thoroughly so it would not dry up. Later that night I did the sea soaks for fifteen minutes and then rinsed off the residue. The whole process of aftercare was not bad, but it was somewhat uncomfortable.

I recommend this piercing to anyone who wants their eyebrow pierced. It's easy to take care of and just simple.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 June 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Sarah
Studio: Bodyrites
Location: Columbia%2C+SC

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