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Eyebrow Piercing

I got my eyebrow piercing done a few years ago at my brothers friends shop "No Regrets" in Long Beach, CA. The was the first piercing that I have ever gotten, so naturally I was extremely nervous. I've wanted to get it done for a long time, a few years. My oldest brother used to have it and I always thought that it was really cool and that I'd like one. After lots of research online and really thinking about if I wanted it or not, I convinced my mother to let me get it. She took me down, after looking around at a few places but feeling most comfortable there, being that the guy was friends of my bro.

We arrived there and told him who we were and he was a very cool guy. He suggest the size and barbell that I should use and I he showed me that he recommended, being that it was my first piercing, and I thought it was pretty cool and also figured that he knew best. What he chose was a 14 gauge, stainless steel curved barbell with balls kinda things on the end and he explained why Curved would be better (less pressure on the piercing) and stainless steel because it is cleanest to use in the fresh opening. He then lead me to the back of the shop where there were small, private rooms where the piercings where done.

When we went into the room he then proceeded to open and take out the sealed, clean, disposable equipment (I first made sure that this was the type used and he brought all of it into the room and opened it in front of me assuring me that he was telling the truth, which I really appreciate) and talked to me the whole time, trying to help me relax a bit. He explained to me the whole procedure and joked around a bit and really helped me feel more comfortable. He asked what side I'd like it on, I told, and he then cleaned on and around the area where I was going to be pierced. He put two dots where the tips of the barbell would be and asked if that was how I wanted it, I liked it so I told him yes. He then put on the clamp and told me he would do it on the count of 3 and reminded me to not stop breathing and take deep breaths. He counted to 3 and he put in the needle. It didn't really hurt like a typical pain (if hurt is even the word) but it had more of a burning feeling. He then put in the barbell which felt a little weird, but not that bad. He was talking to me the entire time which kept me preoccupied and my mind off the whole needle going thought my eyebrow thing and then that was it! It was over like that!

He gave me a sucker telling me that it helps a little ease you down a bit after the adrenaline gets pumping when doing the piercing. There was quite a bit of bleeding, but it didn't really bother me, as he assured me that it was ok and that it has happened to quite a few people that he did this piercing to. He said I could sit and just hang out a bit because sometimes people tend to feel a little sick or dizzy after (which is what the candy helped with) so I did. My mom then came in and asked about the entire thing and how it was. She would have watched, but she doesn't really like blood and needles. In the room there was a mirror and I remember looking at my new piercing in the mirror and just thinking how much I liked it and how I've always wanted it, and now I had it! It was totally worth it and I couldn't be happier!

It's been quite a while since I got that one done, and recently I've been thinking about possibly getting another, but im not too just where I would like to have it. I was thinking either my lip or nose. Either way I would eventually have them both done! I've also been considering a tattoo, but I am have an extremely difficult time about what I would like to have done. Being that it is going to be on me for the rest of my like, I don't want to have something that I would regret later on! It's not like a piercing that you can take out and put a clear plug in! But if anyone is thinking about getting a peircing in their brow. I would say go for it. It looks cool and it's a good first facial piercing. As I said, totally worth it!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 June 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Studio: No+Regrets
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