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Second Eyebrow Piercing Goes Better Than The First!!!

I got my first eyebrow piercing done on a whim about 5 weeks ago.  I was finally able to change it a few days ago and realized it was finally healed.  I have been thinking about getting another piercing right next to it, but it was not until I went to the tattoo shop to get my helix on my ear to make my industrial done that I decided it was finally time to do it. 

I had a long waiting before I was actually able to get the piercing done, the shop opened 2 hours late, then the only piercing guy that was there was the apprentice and could not do any piercing on his own just yet.  I started out at 12 trying to get it done, almost 4 hours before my boyfriend had to go to work and I called right before he left and the owner, Dave, was still not in but he was expected in later that evening. 

I was a little disappointed at first, I figured I could not get my piercing today.  I am a nervous person and like to have a friend with me when I get my piercing done.  Everyone piercing I have gotten my boyfriend went with me.   

It was around 6 when I could not stand it any longer and called.  No one answered the phone and disappointed I went to use the restroom.  When I came back in the front room my friend told me they had called back and Dave had just arrived.  I was really excited and decided to go get my helix and eyebrow done and surprise my boyfriend when he got off work.  He knew I planned on getting my helix done, but he was not aware I was going to get my eyebrow done. 

My friend and I arrived at Evolution and I filled out my papers while my friend wondered off to talk to a friend getting a tattoo.  I had to sit down and wait about 10-20 minutes, because Dave had ran out to get something.  It felt like forever waiting, I was getting nervous every second. 

Dave finally came in and took my license and copied them.  He gave them back and him and his apprentice disappeared in the back room.  This was my first time meeting Dave, usually I get my piercing done by another guy that worked there, but Dave was the owner, so I figured he would do a great job. 

A few minutes later, Dave came out and lead me and my friend to the back room.  I had my friend hold all my stuff while I sat down on the table.  Dave marked some dots on my face while his apprentice set up the tools he was going to need.  After he was done cleaning off the tools, Dave had me lay down.  I turned my head and he put on the clamp.  My friend was joking about the clamp while he was putting it on, but even the laughing stopped when he put on the clamp.  My eyebrow was pinched so tight I could have swore I would have a huge bruise when he took it off.  The clamp hurt more than the needle that came next.  The clamp felt like someone grabbing a hold of a part of my skin and squeezing really tight, like one of those blood pressure things they use at the doctor office and in hospitals.  He only left the clamp on for a few seconds and he pushed the needle in followed by the jewelry within the next 5-10 seconds.  He slide the needle through so fast, I barely felt it.  I felt a tiny sting and it was over.  Dave put the jewelry in just as fast as the needle and I did not even feel it go in at all.  He had the ball on the jewelry faster than any one else had been able to put one on before.   

I had to ask my friend if I was done, before I got off the table.  I was not sure if the jewelry or the ball was in yet, but my friend laughed and said it was.  I hopped off the table and went to the front and waited on Dave to come and get my money.   

Dave came up front and took my money, before he could tell me cleaning procedures; the phone rang.  I just waved and told him not to worry about it, I had my other eyebrow done before and it had just healed nicely.  I knew how to take care of it. 

I am proud of my piercing and I love it.  I love the place where I got it done, and Dave was very clean and nice.  He was quick and professional, probably one of the best piercing guys I have encountered so far.  I would recommend him and Evolution. 

I have only had my piercing for about an hour and a half, it only bleed a little bit and is swelling some.  My first eyebrow piercing did not swell, but I am not to worried.  I took some Ibuprofen and have some ice on hand in case I need it.  For cleaning, I intend to use Dial soap the first couple of weeks with Sea Salt.  Once it is almost heals or if it gets infected, I plan on starting to use Bactine on it.  Bactine is not usually recommended my piercing professionals, but I found that it helps heal faster.  I would not recommend this to anyone unless you talk to your piercing pro first. 

Anyways, I really like this piercing, so far it looks silly as a CBR next to my pretty jeweled barbell, but I know in a few weeks when it heals it will look gorgeous.  I would highly recommend the eyebrow single or double piercing to anyone.  If you have any questions feel free to email me.  Good luck and happy piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 May 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Dave
Studio: Evolution
Location: Lower+Indiana

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