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Rewarding Myself

I have wanted to get a facial piercing since I began getting modded around two years ago, but it never seemed to happen. In the weeks leading up to getting my eyebrow pierced I gained a job at West, a telemarketing company. The training was 5 weeks long, involved getting up at an ungodly hour and was the most boring thing that I had ever been through. In fact, training was so boring that I managed to write almost 100 pages of a pen and paper role-playing game that I have been working on. I promised myself the moment that I began training that at the end of it I would get something to reward myself, probably a new piercing. As it turned out, my job at West would not last very long at all, but I am happy to say that the piercing I got myself as a reward for getting through training still with me and is doing great.

Well, training eventually ended and it was time to make good on my promise to myself. It was 2 days after the last day of training when I called up my friend, Iggy, and told him that today was the day that I was to get poked. Iggy had been begging me to let him come with me to get my next piercing for quite some time both because he was planning on getting his first piercing soon and because he just liked the thought of watching someone being pierced, so he was thrilled to be my moral support for the big event. We met downtown and made our way up to Universal Tattoos. I had previously gotten my venoms and my VCH done there and, as far as I was concerned, it was the best place in Victoria.

Upon entering the building the two of us were greeted by Mike, the piercer. After a couple minutes of small talk and an inquiry about whether or not the barbells for my planned helix spikes had arrived yet (I had been waiting several weeks for them but they kept getting delayed), we were asked what I was in for and, after I told him, led downstairs into the piercing room. There was no need to sign the usual forms since I had been there before and Mike knew who I was. As always the room was impeccably clean and had that nice sterile smell to it. On one side of the room was the doctor style padded table thing and on the other side was the metal tray with all of Mike's tools on it.

After gloving up, Mike asked which side I would like the piercing to be on, wiped off the eyebrow, drew on the dots where he thought the piercing should go and then asked me and Iggy what we thought of the placement. I thought that it needed to be a little more to the outside of my eyebrow so he erased the dots and redrew them. This time they were perfect. I was going to be pierced with a 16-gauge titanium barbell. There wasn't really much choice as far as initial jewelry was concerned because Mike believes that titanium and barbells are the best materials for healing. And given my experiences, I can't disagree.

For the actual piercing I remained standing. I'm not entirely sure of all of the details about what happened, since I never watch when my own flesh is being pierced. However, I was asked to take a deep breath in and then a deep breath out. On the exhale I was pierced. I can honestly say that this was the least painful piercing that I have ever experienced. It felt like hardly more than a pinch and even that small amount of pain only lasted a moment. When the needle was in my flesh and Mike was getting the barbell ready Iggy made the comment that he really liked how it looked to just have the needle there. I wish that I could have taken a look at myself in the mirror to see what he was talking. A minute later the needle was removed, the barbell inserted and the second bead screwed on the end of it. The three of us then went upstairs and I paid, making sure to leave a good tip since its always good to tip your piercer (at least if you're happy with the work you just got done). I actually got a discount on my eyebrow since I had been there so many times before, so I just tipped back to the usual price of the piercing. And thus, I gained my new eyebrow piercing.

My eyebrow was probably the easiest piercing that I have ever had to live with and heal. During the first week of having it, my only complaint was that it was so painless that I kept forgetting about it and brushing my hand up against it, something that is bad to do both for fear of infection and because it irritates the piercing. Luckily I didn't seem to do any real damage to it and it didn't take me to long to get used to the fact that I now had a piece of metal through my face. As far as what I did for aftercare, I am a real proponent of doing as little as possible. Once a day I would give it a sea salt soak ( ¼ teaspoon per 1 cup of water) and then wipe off the crusties with a cutip. Other than that I pretty much just left it alone and it seems to be doing great. I've had it for about a month now and aside from the occasional tenderness when I clean it or bump it, I hardly even notice that its there.

Getting my eyebrow pierced was one of the easiest and best things that I have ever decided to do. Its small and subtle in appearance, almost painless and really easy to take care of. Once this one is fully healed I plan on getting another on right beside it in order to make it a little more unique. For anyone thinking of getting this piercing done, I would highly recommend it. There's really nothing to be concerned about as long as you get a good piercer that you trust.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 March 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Mike+Grant
Studio: Universal+Tattoos
Location: Victoria%2C+B.C.

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