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The eagerly awaited Earl/Bridge

At the time being I have 15 piercings, with the Earl being the newest one. Piercings has become one of my many one true loves since I got my first piercings done (the day I turned 18) in 2004.

Just as the title says, this piercing was eagerly awaited, the thing that kept me from doing it was the fact that I started to wonder, "Will this look good on me? Will it be to much?". I have no idea when I decided that I wanted one in the first place, but I do know that last tuesday (February 28, 2006) was when I decided that I was going to do it!

On that tuesday, I followed a friend to Eddie (she was going to get her tongue pierced) I thought that I might as well ask Eddie about the piercing and depending on what he says about it, decide to get it or not.

When I stood there, seeing Eddie piercing my friends tongue, I felt the rush of adrenaline, and I knew that I wanted to get it done as soon as possible, unfortunately Eddie was booked that whole afternoon so I just had to wait... I waited for three days, since the feeling of "must-have-a-new-piercing" hadn't subsided by then, I knew it was time to go to Eddie again.

When I arrived at the studio, it was very quiet, all that I could hear was the bleeping noise of the autoclave. I said "Hello?" and then got a cheerful "Hi" as a response, I walked in to the piercing room, and sat down on the bench. I guess that Eddie knew what I wanted done, but he asked me anyway.

As usual, we had a neat conversation while he started to measuring the breadth of my bridge and trying to get the marks right. It took quite some time to get the marks right, he told me that an Earl isn't that easy to get straight, since your face isn't symmetrical there can be an optical illusion that will make you think that the piercing isn't straight. After five minutes had gone by, he was pleased with the markings, asked me how I thought it looked, it looked good to me so he took out the equipment.

He asked me to lay down, put the clamp on (it was a little uncomfortable), he asked me if I'm ready and I could only utter a small "Yes". I took a deep breath, and closed my eyes and then I could feel the needle passing through my flesh, then he slid the barbell in and tightened the balls. It didn't hurt, it stings a little though. I actually thought that it was going to hurt more than it did, but in retrospect, I'm glad to say that it didn't.

I got up, walked to the mirror to see how it looked, I was so pleased with how well it suited me. We chatted a little, and I got a little re-run of how to take care of it and what to watch out for, was given the instruction to clean it twice a day with antibacterial soap until it heals, I could also do saline soaks. Then it was time for me to leave, we walked out of the piercing room, and there were two girls waiting for him, both of them looked at me and mostly on my new piercing, I could literally see that they were thinking "Ouch!". I paid him (and I got a little discount) and walked out of the studio with a huge smile, and I was starting to feel on top of the world!

Getting pierced, for me, usually has the pleasant "side effect" that my ego/self-confidence is boosted. And that was so very true when I got this piercing, I can live off the feeling that I did it for a long time. So far, my boyfriend and only a few of my friends has seen it, and the comments have been very positive, my parent's hasn't seen it yet (we live in opposite ends of the country) but my mom will surely be the one who sees it first, I wonder what she will say? Probably the same thing as everyone else: "Did it hurt?".

This was written 3 days after getting the piercing, the swelling has gone down a little but it's still a little sore though.There are only two things that has changed/that I need to adapt to after getting this piercing done (except my appearance): I can see the balls when I look to the left/right, the way I clean my face has changed (I haft to be a little more careful).

I am very pleased with how it turned out, and I hope that if you are reading this and is considering on getting an earl, go through with it.


submitted by: hjartestrang
on: 11 March 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Eddie
Studio: Ed%27s+Piercing
Location: Gothenburg%2C+Sweden

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