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My first "real" piercing.

Ever since I got my nostril pierced nearly two years ago, I have been completely obsessed with piercings. Last year, a friend said if I really want to check them out, to go to BME. He gave me the URL for it, and I immediately went to check it out. After a couple months, getting something slipped my mind.

About two months ago, my friend and I got talking about piercing during class. She was saying how she had pierced her lobe last night, and my obsession returned. That night, I went back on BME and flicked through the pictures. As soon as I saw the nape piercing, I was in love. But sadly, I knew my parents would never give in to letting me get it done. So, by the next day, I decided I should just get my ear pierced.

Within the next week, I had seen and loved many different piercings. But most of them, I knew my parents would never agree to let me do. Finally, I picked out the standard barbell eyebrow. I loved it, and I spent many nights thinking about it and putting dots where it would be.

Over the next couple of weeks, I did a large amount of researching. I did not want to end up with another tragedy like my nostril piercing. See, I had done no research on any type of piercing when I got it done, and stupid me; I got it done with a gun. It was so deformed, by the end of that year it was gone. I was not sorry to see it go.

It took me nearly a month to convince my parents to allow me to get it done. After a lot of chores and behaving, they finally gave in. After handing over fifty bucks, my mom said she'd take me in that Friday (Feb. 10th). So, I arranged to have a friend come home with me on the bus and sleep over that night.

Surprisingly, I slept easy. Usually, when I'm excited, I can't sleep at all. But I slept like a baby. Friday came quickly. It had almost slipped my mind, but by 6:30 that night, it was pounding in my mind. Right when I sat in the car, I felt all excitement burst out. I was laughing and really hyper, like usual. Within ten minutes, we were there. I don't live far from downtown, so it did not take long.

Almost instantly after stepping into White Lotus, I became nervous. I started shaking. I knew it was going to hurt. Another girl was ahead of me. She was getting multiple navel piercings, so I had to wait about twenty minutes. During that time, I looked at the barbells. I really liked the place. It was clean and orderly. Soon, the piercing dude came out and made me fill out a sheet saying I don't have any diseases and that I agree with all the terms and such.

By this time, I was completely nervous. My friend was laughing at me, and I just stood there shaking. Finally, the guy called me in. I gave my friend my coat, and got in the chair. Grinning, I asked him if it would hurt. He laughed and said it would a little, but go away after a couple of minutes. I was impressed by how clean everything was. Everything was individually packaged.

After telling me to close my eyes so he did not get the alcohol in it, I grabbed my friend's hand and squeezed. I was pretty nervous! I felt him grab my eyebrow with the clamps, and I froze. I was like, oh shit. Here comes immense pain! He told me to breath in and out slow. I did not even have time to breath out, and it was through. I was like, what? That's IT? I still did not open my eyes. Within moments, the barbell was in. He cleaned up the small amount of blood that was there, and bent the needle he used to pierce with before putting it in the garbage.

I came out of the room with a big grin on my face. I was pretty proud. I looked in the mirror and nearly leapt for joy. I loved it! I paid the guy and thanked him before walking out. Almost all the way to the car, I told my friend and my mom how much I was surprised by the amount of pain I'd felt. Of course, I read up that it does not hurt much at all.

Over the night, it did not swell or hurt at all. The next morning, I gave it a sea salt soak, which is quite hard for your eyebrow! My friend loved it, and said I looked super good. She also said now she could call me metal-head instead of metal-mouth (I have braces).

I am really, really happy with my piercing. I have only had one problem with it. Only after a week, I was sleeping over at a friend's house when the bottom ball fell out. I could not find it. So, my mom bought me a new barbell to get the ball off of. Problem was, it was too big. I have a 16g, and it was a 14. My mom called White Lotus and told them my problem. They said to bring me in and they would fix it.

Halfway there, the whole barbell nearly came out. It took me only a minute to get it in, but it scared me. I would have been pretty pissed if I had to take it out. When I got there, they gave me a new bottom ball and tightened it very well. They also tightened the top. Afterwards, it was tender to the touch, but after an hour the pain was gone.

I am very proud of my eyebrow piercing. I love it! But I won't stop at just my eyebrow. I plan to get about nine more piercings on my ears, my nape, a second eyebrow, my sternum and my lip (horizontal). I'm finally into the piercing craze, and I love it! Recently, I even tried piercing my navel myself. It did not work. I just could not do it myself. But, no worry. I also plan to get a couple tattoos, so that should satisfy me.

For anyone who wants their eyebrow pierced, I encourage it! It not only looks great, but it's virtually painless. It also has very few problems. Mine did not hurt unless I accidentally pulled hard on it, or hit it on something. Even then, the pain went away in minutes. I love my piercing!


submitted by: jimmixo
on: 11 March 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Studio: White+Lotus+Tattoo
Location: Fredericton%2C+NB

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