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Virgin Thirsts for More

I have been talking about getting a piercing (other than my ears) for a couple of years now, but never figured that I would actually do it. I went with a friend of mine to Skinworks in Monroe, but I chickened out when it came time to do the actual piercing. Plus, I hadn't actually put much in to where I was going to get the piercing anyway.

Now to sit down and think this over - where do I get the piercing??? My boyfriend suggested I investigate on BMEzine since he has been lurking here for the past 5 years. At first, I thought my nose. But then I remembered that I sneeze when someone talks about putting something near my nose, much less actually puts something near it. So the nose was completely out of the question. My boyfriend, his ex-girlfriend, and a close friend of ours (who also happens to be his ex-girlfriend) all have their tongues pierced, so that was out of the question too (I wanted something no one else in the group had). I finally settled on my eyebrow. So my boyfriend said we would get it done together the day before Valentine's day.

It turned out that he couldn't get his done and still have a job, so I was on my own, but he would be there taking pictures and cheering me on. On to Atomic Tattoo (where he got his tongue pierced) we went. Once we got there, I filled out the necessary paperwork, signed my life (or my eyebrow's life at least) over to a stranger when my boyfriend realized oh CRAP! the wallet's at the apartment. So while I stayed at the place getting more and more nervous, he went back to the apartment to get his wallet.

After paying, the piercer had me sit on a table the reminded me oddly of the doctor's office and my nerves started to go nuts. He went over the usual preliminaries with me - how to clean it, how often to clean it, etc. And then on to the actual piercing we went. He marked the location and told me I could check placement if I so desired, and being the Nervous Nelly I am, I had to check it. So far, everything looked marvelous. I nodded as I got back up on to the table because I was afraid that if I spoke my voice might crack. He put on the clamp and kept wiggling my eyebrow and I was wondering what was taking so long and then I remembered "DUH! He has to line the dots up!" I was anticipating that he would clamp it down hard and that it might hurt some. But then he picked up the needle and told me to close my eye and take a deep breath. By the time I had let my breath out, the needle was through and I had a new appendage (as my mom calls it).

After he put in the barbell, I hopped down, feeling one of the biggest adrenaline rushes I've ever had. But I was still hesitant to look at myself, afraid I was going to look dumb with this. So I asked my boyfriend how it looked. His only response was to kiss me. So I knew I didn't look dumb and got up my courage and looked myself in the mirror. I LOVED IT!

With a huge smile on my face, I handed over a tip and walked out saying my mother was going to kill me. At this point, my boyfriend deemed it necessary to remind me that it's not like I could reverse the process now. Besides, it made me even sexier.

A few hours later, my eyebrow started slightly throbbing - as was promised it would. After popping two Ibuprofen and waiting for an hour that went away too.

The entire drive I took back to Monroe, I kept looking in my rear-view mirror to look at it and every time I did, it put a huge smile on my face. I absolutely love. Granted Mom, Dad, and my sister aren't thrilled about it. Mom's reaction - "You know you have a stud in your face?" Dad's reaction - a 2-hour long lecture about how I was going to Hepatitis C (needless to say, he's a doctor). Sister's reaction - telling her 5 month old son to rip it out of NeeNee's face.

Sometimes I still forget it's there (especially in the morning) and rub my eyes a little too ferociously and hit it. But I'm suddenly reminded that I have it when I hit it. The only problem I have with it is that I tend to rub my face in to my pillow at night. I put a Band-Aid over it so it doesn't snag on my pillow and now I'm fine to rub away!

I highly recommend this piercing to anyone who can't decide what to get and has a low thresh hold for pain. I'm now considering getting my tongue done....


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Feb. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Studio: Atomic+Tattoo
Location: Baton+Rouge%2C+LA

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