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the piercing I had long awaited

I had considered getting my eyebrow pierced from the time I was thirteen years old.  I had seen many people with this piercing and I found it really cool looking. I had been debating between the tongue, the lip and the eyebrow for some time, and decided I did not want any piercing near or in my mouth.

I looked at the different piercing related to the eyebrow: the vertical, the regular, the ring, and the anti-eyebrow piercing. The ring became my final decision. A friend had told me that her sister got the barbell and it pulled itself out of her eyebrow skin, and that she got the ring and it didn't pull out at all.

My parents and a few friends discouraged any piercing and tattoos, but others were very supportive and even wanted to go and watch and possibly get a work of art on their body or a piercing.

I figured I would wait until I actually turned 18 so it would be easier to find a place, and so my parent's objections couldn't affect weather or not I could get my piercing.

My mom agreed to pay for it after I told her it was all I wanted for my birthday, and my little sister and best friend Katie came with me on the day it happened.

I got butterflies and I was sooo freaking nervous u have no idea. I almost wanted to turn around and go home, but I couldn't chicken out now, and I knew in the back of my mind I really did want this.

We walked in and waited while looking at photos of others who had come to this shop for both piercing and or tattoos. The work looked good, and I got a good vibe from this place. It seemed clean and orderly which comforted me slightly.

The very tattooed pierced cute guy came over and brought me toward the back. I passed several people being tattooed, and no one seemed to be in unbearable pain. The guy cleaned of my left eyebrow, and told me that it wouldn't hurt too much not to worry. Then in a mirror he helped me show him the exact spot I wanted it. He smiled and said it would look nice there.

My sister and friend looked apprehensive, but it could not be much compared to the immense nervous sensation running through me at this moment. I chose the ring I wanted, and the man prepared everything pretty quickly. I looked around the room at the pictures on the walls of the obviously satisfied customers, and I thought "well if I don't faint then I'll let them take my picture after this"

So I laid back and he approached me, I took a deep breath and shut my eyes. I was grasping my friend on my right, and my sister on my left; I probably came close to breaking their hands.

I felt the piercing happen and it went really fast, it hurt but I was totally fine, and before opening my eyes I said "it's done?" and the reply was that it was. I was sooo relieved, the anticipation was way worse than the actually pain of the experience. I looked in the mirror at it; it was just how I wanted it.

It is in the perfect spot and everything, just a little blood around it, but nothing to major. I hugged the guy, his name was Billy. I thanked him and gave him a nice tip. Leaving the place I was all smiles and ecstatic. I even let them take my pic!!

When I got home my mom greeted me at the door and demanded to see "the atrocious" thing. I showed her and she acted surprised that it wasn't ugly at all, she said she thought it was something she could get used to. Most of my friends didn't really mind it, although one refused to look at me for a week.

It's two months later and imp really happy with my eyebrow ring, its healed nicely, and I think I'm ready for my next piercing:-).

Foot Note: If anyone reading this debating weather or not to get a piercing, there are a few things to consider. I looked at both the upsides and the downsides before I did this. It looks great, it decorates your body, it is very individual, and if you have a pain addiction it will momentarily abate it. But, it may cause job discrimination; people might stereotype you because of your facial piercing.

I waited until after high school to get this done for another reason. I played sports all throughout high school and if I had a facial piercing I would have more difficulty making a team, and suppose I did make a team; the piercing would have to be removed during games and practices. Kind of a pain in the butt.

Live with the idea of your piercing for a while before you get it; if you like it 3 years later then go for it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Feb. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: billy
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