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My double piercing experience

Well to start off, I'm 19 now but I was only just 18 when I got my eyebrow pierced. Before I got it done, I had no facial piercings at all. The only piercings I had were in my ear lobes and I'd only had them done about 1 and half earlier because when I was younger I had my ears pierced and used those cheap plastic backing earrings (big mistake) I left them in overnight and woke up to find one of the backing's and gone into my ear lobe, yes literally into my ear lobe and I had to get it cut out so I hadn't got my ears re-pierced since.

I was actually going to get a 2 for 1 deal and my first choice was my tongue as I'd always wanted to get my tongue done I was just trying to decide on what else to get for the deal and I made the decision on eyebrow, all my friends really thought I'd suit it and told me to get it so I did and one of my mates ended up coming with me and getting the same piercings which was awesome because I made them go first so they could tell me how it felt.

I walked in kind of nervous, and when I got in I tried to relax so I could speak with the piercer. I told her I wanted my eyebrow pierced and tongue pierced, she took a look underneath my tongue to check for veins and it was all clear and she asked what jewelry I wanted for my eyebrow and straight away I said the barbell, I really don't like the rings not even on ears so it was barbell's all the way. She then checked out my friends tongue and she asked for a barbell too then we were given the forms to fill out while the lady got ready, my hands were so shaky it was hard to write but I guess I had a good excuse, this was my first proper piercing and I was getting two at once so I was double nervous plus the fact that my mum wont be happy when she see's me so I wasn't looking forward to that but these piercings were something I'd really wanted for quite awhile so I wasn't backing out.

The lady checked our forms we just filled out then asked who was first and I was looked straight at my friend and pointed at her chuckling, no way I was going first so I sat there while she went in the room and boy was that the longest 10 minutes I've ever had, just sitting there waiting and knowing what's about to come.

I had a look around the store checking out all the jewelry and found a few barbell balls I liked, then boom the door was open and my friend walked out with a cup of water smiling I immediatley asked how it was and she replied saying it was alright it's not as bad as you think, so I was a tiny bit relieved then the lady asked me in straight away so I went.

I felt even more nervous sitting on the table waiting for her to stick a hole in me, she noticed I was gripping the table's cloth and told me not to be nervous and it'll be over so quickly so not to worry so much, I had a few deep breathes and told her I was ready, she did my eyebrow first so she dotted where it was going to go and showed me and I liked it so I lay down and awaited the needle, she grabbed the clamp and put it on then told me to take a big breath so I did and the second I breathed out she pierced my eyebrow. It was fine I couldn't believe that it was done so quickly and didn't hurt at all I was so happy with it, I had to hold a cotton bud on there for a few seconds as there was about 2 little drops of blood then as soon as that was all done she got ready for the tongue piercing which I was worried about the most, I mean who wouldn't this is something you use all the time and it would cause great difficulty if you lost it though a piercing in the middle of it wouldn't cause me to lose it but I wasn't exactly thinking straight at the time.

She asked if I was ready and I nodded so she got me to swish around this mouth wash stuff for 20 seconds then spit it out and dry my tongue then put dots on top and underneath where the piercing was going to go and showed me and I was happy with it so we continued, she clamped my tongue and reassured me I'd be alright and I probably looked like I just saw a ghost she again asked me to take a deep breath and when I breathed out she pierced it, I wasn't impressed with how the tongue piercing felt going through it was a bit ouch but I was happy it was over, she put the barbell in and asked me to swish water around and spit it out a few times as there will be a little bit of blood so I did and when I looked at the blood I'd spat out I felt like I was going to pass out so I sat down on the table with a cup of cold water and she let my friend in to look after me, I just sat there a about 5 minutes sipping on water and started feeling better so I got up and thanked the lady and she gave us these receipts to take downstairs and get our sea salts and mouth wash.

As we were walking out of the piercing shop we both looked at each other and had the biggest grins on our faces, we were so happy that we did it not to mention our speech being a little funny so we couldn't help but laugh at ourselves, downstairs from the piercing place was a chemist so we each got our sea salts and mouth wash which were included in the piercing price and we also got some pain killers and a bottle of water as our tongues were already swelling so we needed some pain relief asap, thankfully the pain killers worked quickly.

We walked through the city still laughing at each others new lisps, I couldn't wait for the healing to be over because I could not stand having a lisp but for the time I had to put up with it. My friend needed to go back to work so I thanked her for coming with me and we said goodbye, I had to walk back up to the hospital where my mum and her sister were visiting my grandmas so I was a little nervous because I knew mum would notice it straight away.

I walked into my grandmas room and they were all there including my uncle, I tried to hide my lisp as hard as I could my uncle noticed both of them straight away because he was laughing at me though my mum hadn't yet I guess she just wasn't expecting it so she wouldn't think to look at my eyebrow and tongue whenever she see's me, though when we were leaving she noticed it as I was getting in the car because it was out in the daylight and right in front of her and she was not happy but hey she got over it in a day, she didn't notice the tongue piercing till a week later because my sister in law asked to see it and my mum was just like what the? And again she wasn't happy for about a day then she got over it, I mean it's my body and my money so why can't I.

First night of sleep was awful, especially waking up because my tongue was dry and really sore from being so swollen and my eyebrow felt bruised underneath but thankfully wasn't colored like a bruise, the piercing lady said it may bruise because apparently my skin is thick but it was alright it just felt bruised so I got some ice in a small towel and held it against my eyebrow, felt much better after I did that plus by the time the ice had melted the pain killers kicked in.

My tongue was a complete pain, not be able to eat solids for a week and I drank so very much water everyday to keep it moist as it dried up all the time.

My eyebrow piercing didn't last very long, I took it out about 6/8 months later I got too paranoid of getting it ripped out or caught on something and it was really worrying me so I took it out, well I tried too it was too hard to un twist because I'd never tried to before so I rang up a piercing place and asked them the best way to do it and the lady told me to get a latex glove and a piece of toilet paper and it worked, the second I pulled it out and felt like I was going to pass out so I had to lay down on the couch for about 20 minutes till I felt alright to get up, it was really weird because I didn't even feel like passing out after I got it pierced but when I took it out I did. It was so much better without it, I didn't have to stress when I got changed or washed my face etc I do miss it but when I think about getting it re done again one day I make myself remember how paranoid it made me feel and it puts me off, I don't think I could ever get any facial piercing again.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Feb. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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