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The most painless thing in my entire life

Like many people on this website, I've always been infatuated with piercings and tattoos. I have my first lobe piercings before I could even walk, a second set at the age of 12, and a third set at 15. However, these were all done with the infamous piercing guns at your local Piercing Pagoda, Claire's, and Wal-Mart, respectively, causing slow healing and even some irritation even to this day. I've never been stuck with a needle before, besides your typical medical shots, sewing accidents, and minor surgeries. So, naturally, anyone would be nervous if they spontaneously decided on a facial piercing without a familiar piercing gun. It first started with me wanting a small tattoo, but migrated to body modifications in general, and then piercings, and then eyebrow piercings. This quest took about five minutes of thought and talk with my mom and aunt. Deciding that, since I already had purple hair and there was no hope in me giving up, my mom gave in and agreed to my proposal of an eyebrow piercing. Her logic was that, hey, I could be piercing worse things with heroin needles. Euphoria set in and from there-on out I was totally focused on getting that piercing.

Even though my mom is tattooed herself and is very open-minded, I was surprised she said "yes" when I asked her for an eyebrow piercing. I think half of the reason was because she was newly divorced, and she knew my dad would highly disapprove. Exploiting this, I saved up $35 and went to Thinkin' Ink.

When we pulled up to the shop, I was feeling very nauseated. My mom asked if I really wanted to do this, and I said yes. It was killing two birds with one stone: one, I would get to embark on a journey of body modification, and two, my dad would literally never speak to me again. Easy choice there.

When we went in, I was kind of disappointed that Jack, the guy who had done my mom's tattoos, was not there. Instead, a newer piercer, Paul, would be the one doing the procedure. My mom asked if she wanted me to have her beside me when I was having it done, but I didn't want anyone holding my hand on my first non-lobe piercing. So, into the back room and on to the chair I go, feeling sicker with every step. Paul marked it and asked me if it was fine, and I, neither caring too much nor wanting to delay the needle any longer, said yes. He clamped my right eyebrow, washed his hands, prepared the needle, and I shut my eyes. Okay, do it. Go ahead. Come on! Stick the damn thing through my face! I opened my eyes to see if the needle was ready yet, and to my vast surprise, he was already putting the ring in. What the-? That's it? That's IT?! I couldn't sleep for three days because of THAT? Mi Dios! It was literally one of the least painful things I've ever experienced. I stared at myself in the mirror. I remember thinking, "My God, that's HOT!" I thought I looked so different with that silver 16g ring in my eyebrow. I think he knew that I absolutely adored it. He explained the whole generic after-care to me and whatnot. Finally, I paid him, we left, and I admired my shiny new accommodation the entire way home.

At first, it was healing just fine: no pus, very little swelling, no redness. However, as time went on, it because worse and worse. It started to pus up and get red. Soon, it because very sensitive and sore, kind of like when you get blood drawn. I noticed it was slowly migrating down my eyebrow, kept on by only half a centimeter of skin. I tried to keep it in as long as I could, but I finally gave in and took it out. It was the strangest thing: first, having something that becomes part of you right there, and then nothing. Basically, taking out my eyebrow piercing sucked. Six months later, I still miss it like my long-dead child, but I plan on getting an industrial, a daith, and/or a helix sometime very soon.

If you've ever had any doubts about eyebrow piercings, don't. As long as you have an experienced healer with a hollow needle instead of a piercing gun, it's incredibly painless. I know some people say it hurt a little, but most agree that it's probably the easiest piercing you'll ever get. Eyebrow piercings, in my opinion, are the number-one choice for virgin piercers due to its pain-free procedure and relatively clean healing process. It's also incredibly attractive on most people. Just be wary of rejection or migration and you've got an eye-catching and beautiful body modification.


submitted by: Silly_Limey
on: 07 Feb. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Paul
Studio: Thinkin%27+Ink
Location: Fairmont%2C+WV

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