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pierce his tongue... no WAIT! and my eyebrow!

As a college freshman I may have gotten a little addicted to piercing. First semester I got:

My tongue pierced

My Industrial

A Tattoo

And my brow pierced

I had always wanted to get "pierced up" but I had restrictive parents who would not allow for anything to be pierced at all. College just seems the perfect time to do all that.

Second semester of college had rolled around and I had found myself with a new roomie; my old one moved out, so I moved my friend in. My friend had wanted to get his tongue pierced for a long time and just needed a little goading to actually get it done. I was happy to be that person because I had gotten my tongue pierced before and it was a snap.

We headed on down to The 2nd Millennium, a studio down right on the edge of our campus where I had my Industrial pierced earlier in the school year. I had a great experience there with my industrial and recommended to him that he go there too. They are a great place that is approved by the Weld County Health Dept.

He informed the piercer what that he wanted to get his tongue pierced. The piercer brought him into the back and started sanitizing everything that needed to be and gave my friend some mouth wash. The piercer and I were making little jokes to ease my friend's nerves. He did the regular procedure, informed him of aftercare, and we went ahead to pay.

We were all done and ready to leave when then piercing bug hit me. We had walked 15 steps out of the shop when I stopped in my tracks. I looked at the reflective glass of the shop window and asked my roommate if he thinks I should get something pierced. He laughed and I said I was serious. I looked at the reflective surface for just a few more moments before deciding that I really wanted to get another thing pierced. He agreed with me and told me to do it so we turned right around walked back in to the studio and asked for an eyebrow piercing.

The piercer was a really nice guy who just laughed that we re-entered the studio. He asked what side I wanted to get it on and I chose my right for symmetry. He lead me back, sterilized everything as he told me the aftercare would be very similar to my industrial. He then marked my brow, had me check it and went at it. I must admit that it really did not hurt at all. My right eye watered heavily when he pierced it, but no tear rolled down. I was nervous about him putting the jewelry, because a friend of mine who had her brow pierced informed me that putting the jewelry in had hurt much more that the actual piercing. Of course, I barely even felt it go in and as soon as I knew it, he had screwed the ball on and told me to go check it out in the mirror. I stood up and was really pleased with it. People had been telling me to pierce my brow for about 5 years now and I realize that they were all right.

Not everything was perfect though. Something is bound to go wrong if you randomly decide to pierce something when you're in a studio. I wasn't prepared to get pierced and had left my wallet back in my dorm room. I was extremely embarrassed. Thankfully I had gotten pierced with my roommate who could drive back to the dorm and get my wallet.

I sat around, looking at tattoo designs they had. I watched as a girl went in, got her nose pierced, then walked out. I heard a woman discuss her tattoo. Finally, my roommate came back with my wallet and I could pay. He was really understanding and just laughed it all off, once again.

We, finally, left the studio, got a slurpee for my roommate, and headed back to our dorm. We were greatly amused because people didn't notice either of our piercing. One person said, "Oh... You just got that? I thought you had your eyebrow pierced. Or I guess it just looks so natural that I didn't notice." Which is nice, but a boy likes to have his new bodmods noticed.

I had leftover cleaning solution from my industrial and used that along with Q-tips. Aftercare was easy and it has yet to become infected. Sleeping was not a problem, because even though I sleep on my side, I don't sleep on my face. I did catch it on my towel when dying off after showering, which hurt a lot.

All in all, I am very happy with my eyebrow and I can't wait to get my next piercing.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 Feb. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Chuck
Studio: The+2nd+Millennium
Location: Greeley%2C+CO

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