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Pain Relief

I'd been toying with the idea getting my horizontal anti-eyebrow done for about a year and half, before I finally summoned up the courage and went last friday. I just finished healing my tongue, so I was itching for another piercing- I'm sure many of you know the feeling. Sara had done my last three (tongue and both nipples) of six (labret, nose, belly-button) piercings, and I'd be hard pressed to go to another piercer ever again. Every time I've gone in now she's been so friendly and informative. Good prices too ;) hehe. 

I was really nervous because I'd seen some gory pictures of this particular piercing being done. Read about black eyes, rejection, etc. Still, I was determined to finally go through with it- I've always thought it inherently complimented people's features quite well, kind of like a labret.  

As I normally do, I sat down and got comfy on the fancy electric chair and quizzed Sara on the pain. She put my mind at ease when she told me quite readily that there really aren't that many nerves in that part of the face. However, there would likely be some bleeding as facial piercing supposedly tend to. 

I relaxed and sat back while she readied her supplies. I sat there and she drew on my face for a while, because I discussed possibly getting a horizontal eyebrow piercing at a later date, and we wanted to get the right angle to correspond. And then I hear the snap of the elastic around the clamp. Usually this is where I begin to get nervous again, but not this time. I'd had a stressful week and this was going to be the peaceful end. I sat back and breathed evenly. 

"Annoying pressure from the clamp", yeah this time it was kind of   annoying... but there's a lot of cheek there when you pinch it. I've been through this procedure with enough times before that I preempted her instructions to breathe in deeply as the needle sat next to my skin. No 3-2-1, nothing. Just pure needle. It was really the most interesting feeling I've ever had from a piercing. It's not quick and easy like the rest I've had done, but somehow it had kind of a therapeutic length to it. I'm pretty sure I didn't even feel the need to flinch. 

Finally she took the clamp off- having it on my face had to be the worst part (as ok as it was). No blood rushing yet! A sigh of relief. She quickly turned back, jewelry in hand and reminds me of that pressure I'm going to feel. For all my other piercings, this was the worst part. I braced myself for the worst- the idea of a staple shaped surface bar being slipped under my skin sounded painful. Suddenly, it was over. I hardly felt her put in the jewelry at all. There was a little bit of blood, but really nothing to write home about. A couple specks on a Qtip! All that was left were the beads, which took a bit of doing, but didn't

hurt so I was happy.

She drilled me on aftercare procedures and said that if my skin wasn't too dry I could use iodine to help create scar tissue, and to pretty much stick to twice a day with spectro jel and occasional saline soaks. Two to three months to heal- almost a shocker after my speedy tongue, but expected. Nothing new, except submerging one's cheek bone has proven difficult. She went on to tell me that she pierced with a 14g , which I said was fine by me since I'd read about a lot of 16g ones rejecting. She said it was great that I'd been reading up on this stuff, so here's my big thank you to BME! It's hard to find good info elsewhere on the internet. 

Then it was time for the mirror. There's actually one beside the chair if I had leaned over a bit, but I wanted to see in the handheld first. The beads looked huge at first, so I was a bit shocked, but I understand the tunnel vision that occurs when there's something new on your face- especially two new shiny things! She jumped on that and told me that she would be getting some smaller 14g beads in soon and that I could come to get them changed in a week or so. I could live with that. I tipped her and was on my way, happy as could be. 

My face stung for a grand total of 30 minutes, and then it subsided giving way to some bruising. I haven't had much trouble with my hair or sleeping yet, although I have knocked it a few times by accident because I forget about it- it's just that pain-free. After almost a week, it's looking quite good. The bruise has lightened up a bit to a vague jaundice colour (ew), and I'm thankful that I didn't get a full on black eye. I'm mostly worried about rejecting, but I think it will be fine considering its good behaviour thus far. I'm still waiting on getting the smaller beads, but it really isn't as blatant as when my cheek was all swollen. 

I am happy to finally have a semi-unique piercing. I waited so long to get my tongue done because too many people were for so long. By now, lots of those people have taken them out. I've only seen a horizontal anti-eyebrow in person once, and I was instantly in love with their look. The girl had a pair, tiny little things, lining the bottom of her eyes. Different than mine by far, but it gave me the right idea and I couldn't be happier with the result.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 Feb. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Sara
Studio: Silverline
Location: Ottawa

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