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My Short-lived Eyebrow Piercing

Well to start off, I'm 15 now but I was 14 when I got my eyebrow pierced. Before I got it done, I had no facial piercings at all. The only piercings I had were in my ear lobes, both had a 00g tunnel and 6g bar bell next to them. I was always arguing with my mom to let me get my eyebrow or my lip, and finally I got her to say yes to the eyebrow. All I had to do was stop stretching my ears, which I agreed to do (but I didn't really stop, I just kept my hair over them. I'm now at 3/4" and done, heh).

After waiting 2 weeks for my mom to get her paycheck, since I had no job, she finally told me we could go. We originally had plans to go to Body Boutique so she could get her belly pierced, but then we went for my eyebrow too. I took my girlfriend with me cause she always loves seeing me get hurt. I walked in kind of nervous, and when I got in I tried to relax so I could speak with the piercer. I told him I wanted my eyebrow pierced, and he asked what I wanted jewelry wise. He suggested a bar bell so its more comfortable while healing. I thought it was cool so I said ok. Then he started talking with my mom about all the paperwork and things she needed to sign.

After all that was done, he started explaining to both me and my mom about the supplies and tools; everything about how they were sterile. Once he finished with that he put on some gloves and took out the rest of the stuff he needed. He took a cotton ball and sprayed it with some cleaning stuff and cleaned off my eyebrow. He then took a little purple marker and put two little dots and handed me a mirror asking if it looked ok to me. I said it looked good and he took the mirror and traded it for the clamps.

He told me to sit back, relax, and just breath deeply. I felt him clamp down on my eyebrow and pull it up and down making sure everything lined up nicely. Finally he let go with one hand and took the needle. He held it just above the dot and said "do you want me to count?" I said yes, just because I like to know when things like this are going to happen. He said ok and started counting down from 3, after reminding me once again to keep breathing deeply.

"1.....2...." Just before I was expecting to hear 3 and feel some kind of horrible, unbearable pain, I felt a slight pinch and heard "..oh yeah, 3" I laughed a little trying to forget the fact that a needle was sitting in my eyebrow. I was shocked that it really didn't hurt much. Shortly after removing the clamps he took out the needle and inserted the jewelry. He had a little trouble screwing the ball on it, but those damn things are tiny so I don't blame him. This was surprisingly the most painful part, because I kept feeling little pinches. But still, nothing bad at all.

Finally it was done. I stood up and turned around to look in a mirror on the wall. Right when I saw it I loved it. Once I was done admiring myself in the mirror I left the piercing room and stood at the counter while my mom was paying. While my mom was paying, he started to explain to me how to take care of it. He said to not play with it too much and to clean it at least twice a day. He also said that since I have long hair, and I don't tie it up or anything it just hangs over my face, that I should try and keep my hair off it to keep it clean.

When I got home I forgot it was even there. I never felt any pain while it was healing, not even laying on it when I was going to sleep. It looked a little red for the first week or two but then went away and it looked awesome. After about a month and a half with it, I decided I wanted a different piece of jewelry in it. I wanted to get a CBR put in because I always thought that looked awesome. So it was back up to Body Boutique to look for a new ring. After looking for no more than 2 seconds I spotted this black CBR. I loved it and chose that one. So the lady that was working at the time took it out, cleaned it off and put it in. There was a little bleeding as it went in, and a slight pinch. I think I should have saw that as a sign but it didn't matter to me, the second I saw it in the mirror I thought it was awesome.

After no more than 3 days it started swelling and oozing. I thought it was just a minor infection from the new jewelry so I just cleaned it and treated it like a new piercing. After about a week and a half or 2 weeks it was swelling pretty bad around each hole. So I went back to Body Boutique finally convinced that it was the ring's fault. Right when the guy there looked at it he said it was rejecting the ring because of the material. He suggested that I put in the original jewelry, which I brought. I wished I didn't have to put in again, but I had to take care of it. So he cleaned off the bar bell and put it in. That was the most painful thing I've done to my eyebrow. The infection/rejection made it very sensitive. He gave me 2 bags of sea salt and a little squirt bottle and told me to run warm sea salt water over it once a day. I did this for awhile and it started getting a little better. But after the redness and swelling went down just a little bit, it all started coming back.

Once my eyebrow looked like this again, my industrial that i recently got was also doing horrible. So once again, it was back up to Body Boutique with more problems. I first asked about my industrial because that one hurt badly. After that was removed one of the piercers asked about my eyebrow. I told them it got a little better, but then went bad again. He looked at it and said it looked as if it was rejecting again. He said I could be allergic to the nickel in the jewelry and suggested a white gold bar bell. I said ok, and got another new bar bell put in.

This didn't help at all. It never got better and one day was just sitting around the house and I decided I was sick of dealing with it. I went in my bathroom and took it out. It was sad, but it was something I had to do. Don't let this story scare you out of getting it. If you want it, get it. The piercing part is nothing, I felt no pain aside from a slight discomfort. Just don't get jewelry you know may be bad for you and above all, listen to your body. If I had went back sooner, I would have most likely been able to keep it. I do plan on getting it re-pierced soon, but this time I'm getting two...sounds fun, doesn't it?


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on: 07 Feb. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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