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My relationship with a standard eyebrow piercing.

My piercing experience has all the qualities of a normal relationship that one would have with a significant other. Previously, the only piercings that I was brave enough to get have been ear piercings (I currently have 5 holes in each ear). However, I began to get tired of these and wanted to try something different. I decided to get my eyebrow pierced, which was something that I had always wanted to do.

Phase 1 of our relationship: Curiosity

So I started by doing a little research about eyebrow piercing. Mostly just general stuff about the safety of them and viewing different pictures to see if I liked the look or preferred one style (bar, ring) over another. I also did research about where I would get it done. For this I searched on the Internet for places that were near my college campus in Pittsburgh. I also found it effective to talk to people that have gotten pierced. Almost everyone that I talked to told me that Hot Rod Body Piercings was the best place to go. So, certain that I wanted to go through with it, I made plans to go get my eyebrow pierced.

Phase 2 of our relationship: Infatuation

Hot Rod Body Piercing has two locations, one in Oakland and one in the South Side. I decided to go to the one in South Side. There wasn't any reason I just wanted to go to that area on that particular day. I know from experience now that both shops are pretty identical. Two of my friends decided to go with me on a Saturday. On the way over I was extremely excited. I could barely concentrate on anything else.

Phase 3 of our relationship: Fear of Commitment

Just so you know, concentration is extremely important when getting a piercing. I had been thinking about how cool it would look that I forgot to consider the process of getting the piercing. When we walked into the shop I was really overwhelmed. There were glass cases filled with different earrings. There were books and pictures on the counter showing people with different piercings. Some I had never seen before.

Phase 4 of our relationship: Relief

However, I was soon calmed. Not by my friends who were also incredibly overwhelmed but by the shop worker that created me as I came in. He was incredibly friendly and I explained what I wanted to get done. Together we sat down and went over the paper work and after care details of the piercing. Washing with antibacterial soap, salt water soaking, not touching the piercing unless cleaning, and other tips to lead to a healthy healing.

Phase 5 of our relationship: Love

After showing my identification card (I was 18 at the time but didn't have my driver's license). After signing the papers, picking which side I wanted it on (I chose the left), and picking the jewelry (I chose a curved bar instead of a ring, I was then ready to get pierced. Oh yeah, I paid during this time and it came to about $55.

I was taken into another room and asked to sit of the padded chair. The guy that would be doing my piercing explained everything while he was preparing the materials. Everything was clean and new. He opened the sealed kit of piercing utensils right in front of me and put on gloves. He used a clasp to grab the skin on my eyebrow, told me to take a deep breath, and then quickly stuck the needle in. To be honest I was expecting it to be a lot more painful. It was just a quick pinch that could barely be felt. I consider my eyebrow piercing to be the least painful of all my piercings (out of ear cartilage, ear lobes, lip, and nape).

Phase 6 of our relationship: Love, Love, Love

I was completely in love with it. The size bar that they used makes the bar cradle your eyebrow with no excess sticking out. It looked amazing. I followed all the proper aftercare procedures that were discussed with the shop worker. I had no problems with it. It wasn't even sore afterwards. I just kept it clean and everything was fine. Although a few months later I went on a job interview and decided to put a plastic clear retainer in for a couple of days. Don't do this!! My eyebrow got kind of swollen, red, and really itchy. I took it out washed the area and put my regular jewelry back in. The itchiness went away with a day or two.

Phase 7 of our relationship: Breakup

Sadly I must say that after nearly a year of having my eyebrow piercing I have taken it out. There were no problems. I just got tired of it and decided to take it out and let the whole close up. I don't regret getting it done. It was an awesome piercing.


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on: 07 Feb. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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