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Good Idea, Bad Idea

I've had my fair share of problems with piercings. I've had my industrial pierced with a barbell that was too short. (It didn't reject because I realized what the problem was and replaced the bar, after which it healed like a dream). I've had nipple piercings reject because I was wearing a bra that was too small (Ladies: Get measured!) and it was catching and rubbing on the fresh piercings and I've rejected an eyebrow piercing twice.

My left eyebrow grows a little funny at the bend, and it had been, aesthetically speaking, the best place to get a vertical eyebrow barbell. To cut a long story short; the piercing rejected, growing right out through the skin. I actually held the jewelry in one hand and gently ran a nail of the other hand along the strip of skin over the piercing and the skin was so thin by that point it just split and I was left holding the jewelry. It hadn't even hurt at that point. The second time I got it pierced (right next to where the first one had been) the piercer pierced so deep he hit a minor blood vessel and I got a black eye. It still grew out; only that time I removed it before it actually came through the skin.

Needless to say, I was left with a nice little scar. When I say little, I mean it was red and thick and when I say nice, I mean I wanted a piercing and if I'd wanted scarification I would have used something other than a needle and jewelry. That, and to top it off, my parents are not the biggest fan of piercings and this – in their minds at least – was simply proving their point.

A brief aside to mention that a friend recommended using pure vitamin E oil on the scar. The oil is gooey and messy but it works. I'm lazy and I don't like the gooey stickiness so I don't use it as often as I should but the colour is significantly lighter, the scar tissue is breaking down, and all in all it looks a lot better to the point where people don't now immediately notice that I have a scar there.

Every time I saw someone with an eyebrow piercing I'd get a little spike of jealousy stabbing into me. It wasn't fair that they could heal this piercing, often effortlessly, and I couldn't manage it.

What had gone wrong?

Ever since I moved Scott Jania has been my piercer. So I went to him with the problem and he hummed and hawed and then asked what kind of jewelry had been used. My answer: A straight barbell.

And therein was the problem.

Apparently this is a Very Bad Idea and will, as I learned, reject. What one wants is a curved barbell. So I weighed up the odds of another scar on my other eyebrow decided I wanted The Shiny more than I cared if it scared and paid up.

Scott goes through every step of the procedure. Every time. But not in a patronizing, or rushed way. He explains clearly, professionally, and conversationally every step of the way.

I lay down, he stuck a needle in me and a few moments later, I had a nice shiny piercing in my right eyebrow. The question was: would it stay?

Over the next few weeks I washed my face carefully, learned to sleep on my other side and let my eyebrows grow out so plucking wouldn't irritate it. I went back to the studio three times over the next few weeks where I spoke to both Scott and the other piercer who works there, anxiously twisting my hands, asking "is it rejecting?" Unspoken was the 'yet' part. Each time they took me in, had a look and said, "No."

The piercing healed, and it healed well.

So I went back. Because secretly, all along, I'd wanted two bars in one eyebrow. I wanted the second one closer to the outside of the brow but Scott had a look and said it would probably reject if he did it there, due to all the movement of my face. He could, however, do it on the other side.

I didn't want it closer to my nose, I wanted it where I wanted it but I also wanted the second bar and I'd be damned if I was walking out of there without it. So I agreed, secretly a little disappointed. Again, Scott explained, Scott pierced and I had a look-see in the mirror.

I love it. He was right. Not only did it look better than I had imagined but now, after another few weeks of healing, it's still there. It may have taken me three goes to get it right but four piercings later and I finally got what I wanted. I guess this story has several morals. 1) Buy a bra that fits. 2) Use a curved barbell for eyebrow piercings. 3) Find a good piercer and listen to him or her.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 Feb. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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