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First Face Piercing- Eyebrow Ring

I've wanted my eyebrow pierced since I was about thirteen years old but my parents had this crazy rule that I couldn't pierce anything on my face, heaven forbid it prevent me from getting a job. The rule was null and void on my eighteenth birthday or when I moved out. I really think it was incentive to get me out of the house. Anyway, in July (2004) I decided it was time to do it, with my eighteenth birthday being a month away and I was moving away to go to college. I had just gotten paid and the cheque was burning a hole in my pocket. I decided instead of pissing my money away on liquor and cigarettes I would do something so for once I would have something to show for my hard earned cash.  My best friend and I were walking to the bank to cash my pay cheque when we walked past Defiance, a piercing studio. The urge to get pierced was sprung and so I figured I'd go for it. I already had nine piercing in my ears (2 cartilage) and had pierced my belly button and nose myself.  One more wouldn't hurt.

I made an appointment for an hour later that day. I actually didn't know the piercing age for having no parental consent so I lied and said I didn't have my license on me. They told me they couldn't do it without proof of my age, which made me angry but in hindsight is a good thing. I looked over the form and saw it said 16 so I had to cover up my lie. When I came back I told them my brother had driven out with my drivers license so I wouldn't look like a complete tool and have to say "Actually turns out I lied to you and I do have it, I'm just dumb."

Then I was ushered into the back room where the magic happens. The girl piercing me was incredibly nice and comforting. I have a relatively high pain tolerance and haven't had any problems with piercing before but I was nervous. My piercer was really cool about the whole scenario, had her certificates up on the wall, which came into conversation at one point. I was really interested in how to become a piercer and she told me all about getting certified. She let my best friend come into the room to watch, although they only allow one person in the room at the time of the piercing like most places. The place was very clean and she was really anal about hygiene, which I appreciated. She let me pick out the bead for my ring and began prepping. Again with the hygiene, I was comforted watching her take a needle out of the package and all that.

Then came the clamp. The clamp was probably the worst part about the whole experience. I heard later from a friend who does piercing that it's generally better to do it freehand. The clamp was a little painful and I was left with a big bruise afterwards. Right before she put the needle through, my piercer decided to make a joke. "Don't worry, I've done this before. I practice lots on chicken breast." That settled my nerves real well. The needle went through and I didn't actually feel it. It was incredibly quick and remarkably pain free. She put the hoop through and attached the bead and I was done. She gave me a bottle of cleaner and instructions for cleaning it. All in all it was really great. The girls there were really nice and friendly, as well as helpful. They always help me out whenever I go in for a new barbell and is one of the cleanest piercing places I have been in.

The aftermath of the piercing was good. The only bad part was the bruise left by the clamp. It went away relatively soon, and since I'm a girl I could cover it up with make up but it was a pain in the ass.  I worked in the mall at that time and there are always lots of elderly people. The bruise made a lot of them think that my boyfriend beat me, which was awkward to try and explain to them. My eyebrow healed amazingly well and I had no problems. Since then it has been infected twice, once from being head butted by my best friend and another time from using a cheap barbell that reacted with my skin. Other than the bruise though it was great. It healed better and faster than I could have imagined and  I couldn't have asked for a more helpful piercer. I would completely recommend Defiance to anyone, including my mother (who had her nosed pierced there a year later )


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 Feb. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Robyn
Studio: Definace
Location: Maple+Ridge

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