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Another hole in my face

I started to think about doing my eyebrow ages ago, but I
was only on a project and employment with facial piercing is not always easy
thing to get! So I just shoved the idea to the back of my head. I finally got a
stable job in a call center and their dress code gives me freedom over visible
I know what I've done is not the best thing to do... yet I
cannot change the past. This should only be read for the information. Please
don't do this at home... you might not be as lucky as I am! I also have a lot of
research and several tricks up my sleeve that, I think, helps me to stay on the
safe side of DIY.
I finally set my mind on doing the piercing, but I was
missing some knowledge. After roaming trough several experiences on BME,
checking my anatomy e-books and some more in-depth research, I finally was
confident enough to do it.
I went on the BME eyebrow gallery to see the usual
placement; I cleaned and marked my eyebrow. Cleaned a descent work station,
washed my hands, gloved, opened big sterile gauze, and opened my PTFE jewelry,
the needle, a receiving tube, some smaller gauze. I washed my hands again, and
re-gloved. I took a good look in the mirror, and lined up the receiving tube and
needle. Piercing from the underside up, I took a deep breath, and got half way
through. A deep breath, a look to check I had the right alignment, and a good
push and the needle was through. I put back the tube in the field, and sat back,
hitting my hand on my arm rest. So I took off my gloves, and figured it was the
perfect time for a picture. Took a few, washed my hands and re-gloved. I took
the PTFE jewelry, placed a decent connection, and proceeded to insert the
jewelry. It was weird since I kept on bending the PTFE bar while I was trying to
keep a good connection, but it was trying to move away! All of the sudden I felt
the jewelry coming out, and I was relieved! Within 5 minutes I had succeeded to
pierce myself, without analgesic. I screwed on the bead, and the fiddling made
it to start to bleed. I reached for the gauze, and kept a pressure on it for a
few minutes, until the bleeding was over.
The next day it was still bleeding a little, just enough to
freak out people around me. It all got away in the shower. I put a drop on
polysporin on the holes to reduce the bleeding. I could see the bead in the
corner of my eye, and it kept on catching my attention. It was so much more
visible than the previous night... maybe was I just too tired and happy to see it!

The next day I still had some blood spots underneath the
beads. I was a little worried since I don't tend to bleed a lot, but considering
how much my body had to cope with, it was a normal reaction. The bead kept on
annoying me, but I couldn't do anything to help it. There was also a bruise on
the under side of the piercing, most likely caused by the pressure I put to get
the jewelry through, or a vein I could have hit (It could also explain the
bleeding). But it was barely visible since it's right on the fold of my eyelid.

It took a week before I stopped having some blood crust
behind the beads. But it always went away with sea salt soaks. I also kept on
putting some polysporin just to avoid any complication. I had this one time I
ended up with polysporin all over my eye lid... but yet It was the last time I put
some, it was just yucky! The people at the office didn't even notice, and when I
pointed it out, they all said they thought I had it for ages!
There was very little complication while healing. I had
some bruising where I had set my finger under my eyebrow to have a good stable
lining, due to too much pressure. Very weird since the bruising was about an
inch away from my actual piercing, and it never reached my piercing. Also, it
still does have some crusties after 4 weeks; I think it's healing pretty well.
No tenderness or redness, I'm pretty proud of it. Unlike most piercings, I've
kept the same jewelry since I have it done, I'm a little scared to change the
jewelry and un-stabilize the fistula. But I'm getting a caviar barbell, and will
change it in a week or two. Taking such a dare is quite scary; I might end up
just swapping the bead so my PTFE barbell stays in the piercing. This way I'd
keep a light weight, and flexible jewelry.
About the flexible PTFE bar, I'm very pleased with it since
the crusties aren't building up on it, but stick to the beads. This means a VERY
easy cleaning, probably easier than a ring! Also there was a few times where I'd
catch the jewelry in my clothes, but the flexible properties just bended the
jewelry and it didn't hurt at all. Which I think is a very good thing.
It took me very little time to love this piercing. Yet I'm
still trying not to care for it too much since I'm aware that eyebrow piercings
usually reject over time. Yet I can't help but like it!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 Feb. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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