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My double eyebrow piercings

While browsing through the pictures of eyebrow piercings on BME, I came a across a picture of somebody with eyebrow piercings, not off to the side like most, or nearer to the bridge. Right smack in the middle of their eyebrows. I immediatly fell in love with them. I couldn't recall ever seeing these before, and until now had never really wanted any jewellry adorning my eyebrows. But now, that had changed.

After saving up enough money, I was off to my regular peircing studio with a couple of my faithful companions who regularily join me on trips over there.

We got there, and after the regular small talk with the shops staff, I was escorted into the back room, along with my two friends.

Laura said that my eyebrows don't have much skin to work with, but it was still doable, although after the initial swelling went down they would look quite shallow, but I didn't mind. I wanted these done, badly, and who cares about a bit of shallowness?

She laid out her clamps and needles and then we started work on the placement.

This was a bit tricky, because nobodies eyebrows are cemetrical. I'm always incredibly picky when it comes to placement, so in the end I was given a marker and was able to make the marks myself. After much marking and washing off, I got what looked to be even. After thouroghly consulting everyone in the room about this and probably convincing them that I was a wee bit insane, I decided that they were even.

So, up I went into the chair that I have sat in (and bled in) so many times before. Laura told me that sixteen gauge barbells would be ideal, so I settled with those. I had initially wanted them in a fouteen gauge, with my philosophy of bigger being better, but I was convinced sixteens wouldn't be the end of the world.

Laura clamped my left eyebrow and lined up the needle, then said "I'm going to pierce you on the exhale... breathe in," I inhaled deeply, paused, "and out" the familiar burning sensation came, stopped for a bit, then she followed through with the jewellery, which hurt a bit, but not as much as the peircing itself. She then screwed on the ball, and it was done.

After a bit of a breather, I was ready for the next one. Again, Laura clamped my other eyebrow and lined up the needle. Then the inevitable "Breathe in" Inhale, "And out..." I was surprised, because I've always heard that the second one hurts more, but this one wasn't as bad. She followed through with the jewellery, and then I was told to lie down on the bed thing, because it was bleeding quite a bit.

I think I lay there for about five or six minutes, with Laura holding gauze or something.. I can't quite remember... on my eyebrow until it stopped.

When I was finally able to get up and look at them I was overjoyed. I loved them, and they looked exactly like I had wanted.

I was asked if I remembered aftercare, which I did, then tipped Laura and left.

To be honest, I'm not that consistant with salt soaks. I did them occasionaly, and it seemed to be doing fine.

That is, until about a month after the initial piercing, when I was play fighting with a friend of mine and, with the help of those beers I'd had, I lost my balance and went head first into a wall. (Smooth, I know.) I ended up with a gash in my forehead, right above my right eyebrow piercing.

The next day I rushed over to see Laura, and she said it looked like it had been torn a bit, and there was a chance that this could cause it to reject. I left the shop pretty miserble.

I started to baby my right one, and after a couple of weeks and no signs of rejection, I started to slack off a bit. Then one day, about a month after the wonderful flying-into-the-wall incident I noticed a bump beside the bottom hole of the right piercing. Again, I rushed over to the shop, and was told that it was probably a small bubble of lymphatic fluid (crusties) that had formed under the skin, probably from a combination of my crappy aftercare and the tear that happened before. I was told to do sea slat soaks, so I resumed doing those, and it disappeared in a couple of weeks.

Finally, my eyebrows are nice and healthy, although the right one is a bit more shallow because of that freakin tear.

The moral of this story: Do not get drunk and slammed into walls if you love your peircings.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Jan. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Laura
Studio: Steel+Temple
Location: Burnaby

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