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Muay Thai and an Eyebrow

Hello, my name is Tark and I am going to share with you my horrible experience about removing my barbell.

To start things off I had my eyebrow done approximately Christmas of 2004. I was first told that it would take more healing time than most other piercings I would ever decide to get. This can't possibly be more true. For the first ten months, I spent training myself not to sleep on the left side of my face, being cautious of the left side of my body in general. On occasion I had times where I would get smacked by a friend or get it caught in my girlfriend's hair. Things like these really slowed down the healing process greatly. But for the most part it remained 70% - 80% healed. To this very moment it is not yet healed all the way, after having it for over a year now. But this is just the beginning of my problems.

After too much time for the healing had passed I attempted to call my piercer, and unfortunately she was not with them anymore. So I dealt with whom I had and told the man about my situation. He simply told me to go out and buy saline-based contact cleanser, which is very similar to diluted saltwater. So I did the very next day and used that for almost 3 months. Man that could never have been more of a worse mistake. For those of you who read this, I warn you in that contact cleanser, whether saline-based or otherwise can cause major damage. It dries up rapidly into an orangeish crust. If you use it before you sleep or before you go anywhere. You'll soon realize that it slips into the actual piercing and causes greats amount of irritation. I will never recommend using it as long as I live due to the dragged out waiting period of healing I have had to put up with.

So after many months of little progress in healing I started using more frequent saltwater soaks, 70% and 91% isopropyl and antibacterial soap. I made sure it was nice and clean everyday several times a day. Somehow though, I've encountered the problem with my top ball sinking into my skin leaving an impression that appears like hypertrophic scarring. This scared me at first until I realized what it was. I have had to put other types of jewelry in to relieve the impression which can take up to several days. I have been told to use everything from "foam" piercings which I have never heard of, nor can find, and fishing line which would not work for me due to my high level of physical activity.

The largest reason though for my consideration in the removal of my barbell is that I am active in Martial Arts. Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Both are very intense and very physical activities. Having any piercings can render you more vulnerable when it comes to defending against an attack. Jiu-jitsu which is a ground-based grappling art, is hard to manage with an eyebrow or any facial piercing. This is because you are using all of your body to defend and attack and in some way or another you will get rubbed against or tugged on. Unfortunately retainers do not work for me and I can't not use one because my hole will close up within a matter of minutes.

The Muay Thai however is more of a problem because you are dealing with punches and kicks to the face and entire body. And getting hit in the eyebrow can hurt severely and leave you bleeding or swollen which I have had to endure. I have played the role of being stubborn yes, and for it I will pay dearly someday I'm sure. I want to remove it. Yet I know that if I do with this dangerous art I may never be able to put it back. It is part of me and my spirit and I will feel like I'd have lost an actual part of my body.

Taking it out will play a very effective role in my life. For once I'd be able to sleep on my left side of my face. I won't fear a blow to my left side as much and my training will get much more effective I'm sure. I can be as brutal as I want to be and not have to over guard myself and use my goofy side in activities. Overall I think it'll make things a lot more easier for me. But then again nothing is a guarantee in life. But I do think here soon when I get the guts to do it, and I am going to make that decision. If anyone out there knows anything as far as a material that can absorb shock or is soft but retains its form. That'd be great information.


Sincerely, Tark


submitted by: SnowmanX
on: 25 Jan. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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