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Fun while it lasted

Well as many of you probably know, body modification is highly addictive. Once you start you actually cant stop.. and I started with my belly button, tongue, then got my temple pierced which was probably the first piercing that I actually consider to be a piercing. Tongue, ears, bellybutton... they're all fairly common, but not the temple. So id been thinking about it for a while and asking people but deep down I knew I had to have it so finally I decided to just get downtown and do it. I knew all the risks involved, rejection, infection scarring bla bla.. but I'm really impulsive and a bunch of my other friends were getting piercings so I figured screw it I'm getting it done. I talked to the piercer, made sure she was using a surface bar as opposed to a curved barbell and went over the aftercare. Then she took me back and marked me up. The jewelry she chose was actually slightly shorter than what I had pictured but I thought it looked fine and we got going. Since she knew my friend so well she actually allowed her into the room with me which is normally against policy. The piercing was actually not all that painful, although my entire face went numb on the right side (the side of the piercing). The only thing that really made it more painful than my other two piercings (aside from the fact that the other two were virtually painless) was the fact that it took quite a long time for her to get the surface bar into the hole and screw the balls on. This piercing wasn't like my other piercings... it wasn't something that I instantly loved, I was pretty unsure of what I thought of it and I kept debating whether or not I really liked it or really hated it. Sara took a picture of it and put it in her portfolio though so I guess she must've thought it looked pretty darn cool. Personally, since the bar was shorter than I envisioned, I was worried people would thing it was a screwed up eyebrow ring but that never really happened.

The next day at school everyone was really enthusiastic about it and admitted that they had expected it to look really ugly. Haha. But people seemed to really like it and I became something of a celebrity for having such a unique piercing that looked so interesting. People photographed it and alot of people said they wanted to get it (but I would knock anyone out if they copied it.. grr)The piercing didn't really bruise much although it did swell up and was pretty tender and uncomfortable for at least two weeks which is pretty uncommon for me because usually I find the tenderness goes away after a few days, but maybe my body is just super fast healing or maybe my piercings have just been really easy so far.

Sara told me to clean it with saline and apply iodine every few days to build up the scar tissue and prevent rejection. Soooo I did that but found that the iodine was really burning my skin. The skin would turn purple in the area and then peel off which I don't really think is a good thing, so I just stopped using it altogether and stuck to the saline.

So about one month later I saw Sara and she said it was looking really will, not rejecting no infection or anything. Almost immediately after my visit with her I noticed a little bump forming on one side of it which really scared me. I talked to Sara who told me she suspected it was scar tissue and tried everything to get rid of it, sea salt soaks, tea bags and then she said to put peroxide on it to dry it out. Welll that didn't really do much either and eventually the tenderness and icky redness just drove me to taking it out. This however did NOT rid me of the bump. The good news is that the bump seemed to shrink away almost as quickly as it had appeared.

All in all id say this piercing was worth it. It didn't last very long but that was my choice and if id been more patient and spent more time trying to heal it up I expect it probably would've worked out alrite. I guess when I got it I knew it wasn't something id keep forever anyways which is why I took it out when I did instead of waiting for it to heal itself up. I have to admit, one thing that really bothered me about it was that my face was asymmetrical, which probably sounds really stupid to everyone but that's just me haha. I do feel sort of naked without it though.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Jan. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Sara
Studio: Silverline
Location: Ottawa

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