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Nervous About Piercing Your Eyebrow?

I remember being 11 and seeing my friend get her piercing  at 11.  It was the first time I ever had taken notice that "normal" people had piercings too.  She got her belly pierced and I was intrigued ever since.  I never got my own piercing  though, that is until I started college.  I didn't move away off campus or anything alike.   Instead, I felt I would express my freedom through getting a piercing.

Since I was 14 I had been working it a high paying job.  I was ready to throw it all away.  It's not like I loved my experience working there, so one December weekend, I gave my two week notice.  I was gone by  the first week of January.  The following day, I was making plans to visit the art shop.

The only place near my city where a shop existed was 45 to an hour away.  It was called Inflictions and they made a monopoly out of their business.  They charged A LOT.  I heard from my friends that they were really good and professional though. I figured the more expensive, the better they might be. But I already had in mind that I wanted my brow done and I didn't care what it cost anymore. I had my mind set, and I wasn't going to let price get me down.

My Experience

On January 11th I walked into the shop.  It was really awkward.  At 2 pm, no one was in the parking lot , just me.  I walked in and two guys were there.  They just looked up and stared at me.  The one behind the counter asked if I needed help and I replied " Yeah, I wanna get my eyebrow done" . Then he said  " you wanna get it pierced?" , and I said yes.

He handed me the sheets to sign and initial and asked me if I was 18.  He then took my I.D and photocopied it  and stapled it to the signing sheet.  I reached under the counter and picked up a barbell.  He asked if the one in his hand was ok and I thought it looked great.  It was small and had 3mm balls.  Then he took me to the back and told me that it was one of the easiest piercings to do and take care of.  He must have said it twice.

The room was small.  It smelled super clean and on the wall I read a sign that said "tip your artist" so i got my money out and ready to hand him.  Once the guy came in he told me it would cost 50 dollars and I gave him my credit card.  He didn't run it through though just yet.  I wondered why and asked.  He said that a lot of people decide they don't want the job done after all.  "If I run the card, there is no turning back" he said.  I just got more nervous when he said that.  I went through anyway.

The piercer let me know that they align the piercing following the very edge of your eye and straight up. He drew the two dots and asked me to look in the mirror and I said it was fine. It really wasn't but I said ok anyway. I figured he knew what he was doing so I didn't complain. I guess I always pictured it being closer in. Later though, I thought that it was really just right where he put it. Any farther in and it would have been weird.

Then he put the clamps on and I felt a little pressure.  He told me to lie down on the bench (which looked like the one in a doctors office with paper and everything) and I did.  Then I closed my eyes and I felt him put the needle in.  I felt the needle go through  and  it was like you can feel exactly where the needle is the entire time.   It didn't hurt so much.   It felt exactly the same as plucking a thick hair from your eyebrow. Maybe less .  The piercing part took no more than 5 seconds.

I got home and showed my mom and dad.  They didn't really seem to care so much.  They were just in awe and taken back.  They never thought I would have done it.

It still doesn't hurt even two days later .  I slept on it and everything!!!! I have no bruising and it's not red at all.  I can't wait to change it.  My piercer said that it should be fully healed in two months.  Sometimes I forget I have it, and I'll scratch when I'm itchy (cause of the healing) and I'll run to a mirror and hope I didn't tear it out

If you are nervous because of the pain, don't worry.  It doesn't hurt at all.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 Jan. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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