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Bridging the gap.

To be honest, when I went to Borderline Tattoos (my tattoo parlour & piercing place of choice) to first to inquire about getting my bridge pierced I was nervous. This was mainly because when I told my parents I was going to get my bridge pierced, that after the initial, "Where is your bridge?" (My first answer, me, ever the witty one: over my river. Which sounds like a urination-related response in retrospect, but they didn't pick up on that) when I actually told them what a bridge piercing was there were sharp intakes of breath and a hasty joint response of, "Oh no, don't do that!" I didn't listen to my parents, but it somewhat curtailed the confidence I had before divulging my plans for my newest piercing venture to them. Various misgivings, purely mum & dad-provoked, floated through my mind, "What if it doesn't suit me?" "What if it gets infected?" "What if it grows out and I waste my money?" I wish I had a thicker skin and didn't care what my family thought (everyone except my youngest sister thought it was a bad idea) but alas their lack of enthusiasm rattled me. Note though, not to the point where I didn't make it to the tattoo parlour to inquire. Layla was, as always, friendly and helpful and answered my questions without making me feel the least bit stupid (no mean feat). She drew some dots on my face and did some measurements and I was still somewhat uncertain, but I really, really liked the look of a bridge piercing. Really, really. So I came back a few days later, prepared to get some new holes in my face (I have, or have had at some point, my eyebrow pierced, one tragus done, a double labret, plus run of the mill ear lobe piercings, twice in each ear), much to the majority of my family's despair. I filled out the paperwork, I sat in the chair, Layla drew some more dots on my nose, made me look up, look down, studied my face, moved the dots, then asked me what I thought. It looked perfect in the mirror and some discussion ensued. (By this stage I was feeling much more confident in my ability to make the right decisions for myself in terms of body modification. I was much more relaxed and the slight nervousness that had previously been bumping around my gut had subsided.) Layla came to the conclusion that my nose was crooked slightly, but the dots looked fine. I trust Layla completely and her relaxed and friendly manner has put me at ease a number of times when I've had pre-piercing or pre-tattooing jitters, and this time was no exception. I tried to envisage metal balls where the blue dots were situated on my nose - I wouldn't want to end up with a piercing I hated – and I consulted my sister for her opinion. And Layla. And my sister again - consensus is a valuable thing. All of us happy, I gave Layla to go-ahead. She clamped my skin, I closed my eyes (I wanted to watch but I guess semi-ignorance is best when a needle is coming towards one's face) and Layla kept chatting to me, as she tends to do when piercing, there was a second or so of pain, probably no worse than when I got my eyebrow pierced, but cer It will look great once the bar is shorter and now that I don't have a double labret any more, it gives me a focal point on my face - much more so than when I did have my double labret piercings in, actually. I am just incredibly happy with it. Admittedly, there is a chance, like with all surface piercings, that it could grow out, but if that happens I will just get in re-done, I think. It has become my favourite piercing, and unlike my double labret it doesn't get in the way of me eating & I don't have the same concerns about my jewellery coming loose/falling out after a meal, which was the one down-side with my snakebites. The swelling after one day is hardly noticeable, and whilst it was a little tender yesterday when I scrunched up my nose, now it is fine. I can just see the piercings out of the corners of my eyes, but my mother's predication that I would become cross-eyed from it has yet to eventuate. Thanks, Mum.

The after care is pretty simple: just making sure I clean it twice a day with antibacterial soap until it heals, and put antibacterial ointment on it every night for the first week. I've had some weird looks so far, mostly from disapproving sixty-year-old women, but that's fine, I didn't do this to bridge (a pun, a pun!) any generation gaps. I haven't spent years as a vegan schizophrenic to fit in with everyone anyway. It's actually kind of nice, as I slowly change my appearance I kind of feel like there's more of a congruency with my inner and outer selves, and less of the dichotomy that there was for years. Next step: a fifth tattoo and pink hair.

Viva my bridge piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 Jan. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Layla
Studio: Borderline+Tattoos+%26+Body+Piercing
Location: Gold+Coast%2C+Australia

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