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Attacked Eyebrow

For about a year I had wanted my eyebrow done, my mum had said no, which kind of is but kind of isn't mush of a surprise, my mums weird with piercings she let me get my navel done when I was 12, she pierced my ears the second time when I was 11 and doesn't mind how many I get in my ears (I do most of them myself which I do not suggest unless your stupid like me), let me get my nose done when I was 13 and after awhile warmed up to my self pierced labret and said she actually really likes it, but didn't and still doesn't like my septum or tongue piercing, she doesn't bug me about them but makes me hide my septum and keep my tongue in my mouth which doesn't really bother me cause it's not like I go around with my tongue hanging out of my mouth anyway,but any whoo, she is against nearly all other piercings.

I wanted my tongue done since I got my navel but was never allowed by my mum but when I was 14 I asked my boyfriends, Robert, mum if she would take me to get it done she was a little hesitant at first only because she didn't want my mum knowing she took me but I told her I wouldn't let her know, lets just say my mums not stupid =P but she said yes I was excited as my tongue was finally going to get the jab! She also took Freyja (Roberts sister) to get hers done, so I thought that since she's like a mum to me and is one of the coolest mums I ever meet, I'll ask her again and she said yes which bought me a lot of excitement.

The day we got it done wasn't really planed at all I just rang up to make an appointment from mums (Roberts) work for a later day thinking he would be busy but he wasn't so the appointment was made for an hour away, we spent the next 40 minutes nervously wandering around and smoking like chimneys, I could tell Robert was extremely nervous as this was his first big piercing besides his left ear. When Mum had finished she drove us to the studio I had my tongue done at and mum had had a few tattoos done when we got there he had everything ready! We filled out the forms then he asked us who was going first I always go first not because I'm made but because I like doing the whole "o god that hurt so much'' thing to freak my friend out and it makes me seem tough (which I like to think I am he he).

I sat on the dentist like chair as he wiped my eyebrow clean, talked to me about the piercing and marking it up, Robert was standing at the door so I turned around to give him a smile and he cracked up laughing, I couldn't figure it out, until I remembered OH GOD MY EYEBROWS A DRAWN ON! I sat there and tried to forget about it which was making me think about it more, finally the clamps went on not hurting like my navel did then BAM with out warning in the needle went! He asked if I was okay, I nodded it didn't hurt as much as I had anticipated.

It was Roberts turn, I watched until he told me it was making him uncomfortable so I laughed and walked off putting on a show at the window making it out to seem like the most painful thing ever, I could see Robert was about to back out so I told him I was only kidding and that it hardly hurt, after a little convincing and bribery (I had to pay for it!) he sat back down and let Clint do his thing.

For the first few days it stung and sometimes felt like I had been punched really hard but didn't really look like a new piercing at all and that's not just my opinion others were complimenting as well but that didn't last long thanks to a 2 year old pulling it for all its worth and not letting go, seriously this kid had serious attachment issues once she has something she wont let go. It also doesn't help that after a week I couldn't feel it and sometimes forgot about it while putting clothes on or off, drawing my eyebrows on was a hassle and ended up just leaving it unless I go out which is highly embarrassing walking around a house full of people with 1 and a half eyebrows.

I love my eyebrow piercing. I've had my navel, labret, nose, septum, lobes x6, cartilage x4 and tongue and (for me) the eyebrow was the least painful piercing so far.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 Jan. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Clint
Studio: Tattoo+U
Location: Masterton

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