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Young, but still got it done

Well, first off I'm 13 and I know that's young compared to all the other people that write their experiences, but I have been fascinated with eyebrow piercing for the longest time now.

It started I think when I first saw an eyebrow piercing on a girl, I thought it looked so cute and cool. I told my mom about it, but she disagreed. My mom has 3 piercing other than her ears. She has her nose, tongue, and belly button. She would've let me get any of those, but I wanted the eyebrow piercing, but she didn't like it. She always told me that it made your eye droop. My older brother has it too, and I loved it on him.

I kept bugging my mom about it, but every time she said no. She said I had to wait until I was at least 16 to get it done, but that's a long time away. I'm very impatient and usually when I want things now, then I want them Now...sounds kind of bratty but I'm like that.

I even asked my mom to get my eyebrow pierced for Christmas and she said no...My dad on the other hand was all for it. He didn't mind at all. In fact he wanted me to get it done. He tried talking to my mom about it but she still disagreed.

Finally my dad told me to start calling places to see if they would pierce a 13 year old, and he would control my mom about it. Well I started calling, but none of the places would pierce me. I had to either be 14 or 16. By the way, I live in Lehigh Acres, FL which is close to Fort Myers. I told my dad that none of the places here would pierce me. He thought for a sec, and then told me to try West Palm Beach. West Palm Beach is about 3 hrs. away from Lehigh. We have family there so he thought that we could go down there and "visit" the family while also getting my piercing. Well I called a couple of places, and finally I found one. It was called Outrageous Tattoo. They said that all I needed to do was get a notary and have my dad sign a paper with his I.D and I was good.

Me and my dad went to West Palm Beach that weekend...my mom knew that we were going but she didn't know that I was going to get my eyebrow pierced. We got there and we went to the parlor. We got the paper that he needed to sign and put the notary on and we told the guy that we'd be back tomorrow. The next day came, and we went to the bank with my cousin too, because she wanted to see it. We went to the bank so that we could get the notary. After we got the notary we went back to the parlor and we saw the guy again and he took the paper from us. Another guy made us fill out another sheet with our info on it. He took the paper and then said he'd be right with us...that's when I started getting nervous.

I kept walking around the place waiting for him to come back out. Finally he did come back out and told us he was ready. I walked inside the room first and then my dad and my cousin. It was a small narrow room with mirrors on all of one side of the wall. The other side had a little place where they carry the stuff to put on the piercing and what not. He told me to take a seat, and I did. I was looking for a chair like a dentist, but this one was quite different than a dentist chair.

After I sat down he started telling me how to take care of the piercing and what not to put on it. I thought he would talk to me about Migration but he didn't. I started shaking a little bit, because I was nervous (but who isn't when they get a piercing) I asked him if it hurt and he said yea...I was like ok, that's nice. He told me not to be so nervous because it wasn't that bad. He started to put stuff on my eyebrow to clean it off I guess.

After he cleaned my eyebrow off, he took a little marker and marked the two dots to where the eyebrow piercing was going to go and told me if I liked it there. I said yes, because it was perfect right there. After he put the marks he started to set the needle and the clamps and everything.

He told me to tilt my head back and he put the clamps on. I closed my eyes, because I did not want to see it. He took the needle and placed it on my eyebrow because I could feel it...he pushed it in a little bit first, which hurt a little bit (like a hard pinch) and then he told me to take a deep breathe. I took a deep breathe and he pushed the needle in. It did hurt, but it didn't hurt painfully, it was just like if someone pinched you really, really hard, it was something that I could take. It did make my eyes water though. I look into the mirror and I see a needle through my eyebrow. He put the barbell in and then started to clean it off. I did bleed, and my cousin fainted because she can't see blood. He wiped off all the blood and it looks so perfect!! I thanked him and he gave me the instruction sheet and explained to me again what to do. We paid him and left a tip, because he was really nice and funny. Plus he made sure that I was ok, after the piercing and even before the piercing when I was nervous. It hasn't gotten infected or swollen or even red so far, and it doesn't hurt one bit now.

I think that anyone who wants a eyebrow piercing should go for it, because it doesn't hurt that made, and it looks terrific after it's done! So go for it!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Jan. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Nicholas
Studio: Outrageous+Tattoo
Location: West+Palm+Beach%2C+FL

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