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The piercing that parents hate

Getting a bridge was never one of my piercing goals. Actually it was my boyfriend who had always wanted one. It wasn't until after I had gotten most of my planned piercings that I thought about a bridge for myself. It's true for me that piercings and tattoos become like an addiction, so after getting a good deal of the mods I wanted, I got an itch for another piercing. I compulsively look at BME every day, and I found myself being drawn into looking through the bridge piercings. There were a lot of girls on there who looked damn cute with a bridge. So I started thinking.. hey this could look good with my nose ring.

Not until my friend Adam decided to get a tattoo did I get the chance, well, the excuse to go get another expensive little treat. When he finally got the funds to get to Lucky's it was already a given that'd I'd come along and get a mod too. He'd already been along when I got my first tattoo, and then the next day when I went back to get my second and a piercing as well.. (It's an addiction it's true) By the way, he was getting a black and grey tattoo of the cover art to The Smashing Pumpkins CD "Melancholy and the Infinite Sadness." very cool.

Now, I had a super tough midterm exam the next day, and knew I'd spend the day studying in the lounge at Lucky's. What could better take the edge off being forced to study honors chem than a good old piercing? Nothing I say. Originally I had planned on getting a conch, you know something simple and small. Small as opposed to a bridge. I had told the boy that I'd most likely get an ear piercing.. but I didn't anticipate the overwhelming desire that would come about.

I was really sketchy about when I wanted the piercing done.. I think it was because I knew I wanted something grander than a conch. When Adam came out from being tattooed when his artist when for a smoke break, he and the girls who work in the shop all convinced me to get a bridge. They had suggested other things too, like a labret which I can't have since I'm a woodwind player, and a septum which I didn't want to pair with my nose ring. I mentioned that I wanted a bridge and they all pushed me to go for what I really wanted. I hemmed and hawed a bit: it's a controversial, visible facial piercing. But they all convinced me that it would look great with my face and I submitted to my secret little spontaneous desire to get a bridge. I was thrilled by how visible it is, you can't miss two shiny balls between the eyes.

So I signed my forms and whatnot, and was excited to have Penelope pierce me. She's fabulous, and I hadn't had the pleasure of being pierced by her before, she wasn't there when I went for my Birthday nip piercings. Before we ventured back to the piercing room she told a pair of digital calipers and measured the breadth of my bridge and tested for 'squish' which is the term she loves to use to describe how much pull you've got in the skin there. I didn't have much. So we went back into the sterile little room with the poster of Elayne Angel and her wings. The equipment was set out, and the apprentice, Becky, came back to watch and get a bit of instruction, since bridge piercings aren't common. Actually Penelope told me that I was the only non- navel or nose piercing that day. She took a few long minutes to get the best marks for the piercing. She made a vertical line bisecting my nose, and used those medical q tips they have to line up with her dots and see how straight it was.

Finally I was ready for the piercing and got my little bit of squish clamped. Before I tell you about the actual piercing, I must say that one of the most common questions I get is "Did that hurt?" and it's more pertinent for this piercing than any other, because when people see it they don't really have an idea of how that would feel. But Penelope said that it's actually one of the least painful piercings since you don't have a whole lot of nerves there, as opposed to nips or whatever. You can imagine that would hurt, better than you could some random face place. So in goes the needle, feeling much like, but not as painful as my nostril piercing. The pain was quick and totally bearable and the jewelry insertion was nothing to speak of.

Upon leaving the girls at the front counter were all very enthusiastic about it looking just as good as they knew it would. After care was of course the standard sea salt soaks. Healing was quick. It's such an out of the way piercing that I never really felt any pain in it, didn't get it caught on things. The only thing is that it changes the way you wash and dry your face forever. I highly recommend that if you want a bridge and you accept the consequences that will come with such a visible piercing that you should go ahead with it. My mom hates it and my dad offers me money to take it out, I love it and obviously that's all that matters.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Jan. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Penelope
Studio: Lucky%27s
Location: Northampton%2C+MA

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