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Finally built up the courage

I've always been so worried about what people would say if I tried something out of the ordinary. I've always been thought of as the little 'goody two shoes' that would never have anything done apart from her ears pierced. I did have my nose pierced at one point in the past and as much as I liked it I kept catching it all the time and it slowly became very sore and I gave up on it. Since then I have been craving to get another piercing and I had decided on an eyebrow piercing.

Now as I have mentioned, it was not so much the getting the piercing done that worried me, it was the reaction to it. After thinking about it for a while I decided I would get it done when I had a bit more cash to spare. Last year was very difficult for me and many things happened that I think changed me a bit (for the better). I started to take things in my stride and not worry so much about what people thought and for some reason on Saturday 7th Jan, I woke up thinking about what I was going to do for the day and just decided to go and get it done!

I met my friend Matt in town as I'd asked him to come with me as I am quite scared of needles, I've always had a bit of a phobia of them, I think I'm getting better as time goes on though. We made our way up to the studio and met Tim who had pierced my nose before. The studio has not really changed over the time it has been there, but the first thing you notice when you walk in is how cosy the room is but also how clean everything is as well! Everything is stored in sterile packs, nothing is left out once it's been used and everything is thoroughly cleaned before each client comes through the door. Tim was very knowledgeable about methods of piercing and also the aftercare of them and he really made me feel at ease. Unlike some studios, he chooses not to use clamps for eyebrow piercing as this causes further trauma to the skin and can also cause bruising. The process took no more than a couple of minutes and I think he must have gone through the aftercare procedure with me at least 5 times! Needless to say I am very pleased with the piercing and would happily go back to him for any other piercing as well.

I've had the piercing now for just a couple of days and so far I have had no problem at all. I have to be careful not to catch it on clothes and washing my hair the other day I was very aware that is was there and was trying hard not to bash it with the shower head (yes I can be that accident prone) At the moment I am just getting used to it being there, although it is very comfortable I can still see the bottom ball out the corner of my eye but that is only every now and again and it is more when the light hits it than anything else.

I am really happy that I got it done, I think it is one of many things that I will be doing over the next few months to try and get myself back on track, Im just really glad we have finally got a reputable studio in town that does this kind of thing well. I'm thinking about getting my lip done next but at the moment I have more things to save up for like..... other bars for my eyebrow!

I have found that the best thing to use throughout the healing process is sea salt in warm water and also lavender oil (medicinal bp grade) as this is supposed to be VERY good for the healing of wounds. I just hope it doesn't grow out anytime soon. The thing is now I have had it done once, when it does grow out I know I can easily go and get another one done! Big Thanks to Tim and Matt for putting my mind at ease and calming me down and finally getting done what I've wanted for ages!

I'm looking now at getting other piercings done in the future. I wouldn't mind getting my lip done at some point but I think i'll stick to my ears and eyebrows for know, once I get more used to them then i'll think about taking my piercings a bit further, I'm just hoping that the ones I have carry on the way they are going! I'm just so pleased I got it done without worrying what other people would think, for the first time in ages I'm actually thinking along the lines of 'go me'!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Jan. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Tim+Buchorski
Studio: UTOPIA+%28in+association+with+www.marksandpunctures.com%29
Location: Hemel+Hempstead%2C+Hertfordshire%2C+England%2C+UK

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