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My first step into body modification

Since I don't know where to start from, I'll just say that I was fascinated by strange-looking people since I can remember. I admit,it was influenced by the media in the beginning. You know, seeing some "kewl" bands on TV having a piercing or two on their faces. And they look so great,you like them so much, it just starts welling up inside,the desire to become what inspires you,to be something you admire. I remember I used to listen to a band called Mudvayne a lot.Their vocalist had a ring in his eyebrow,and there was something in that ring that was beautiful,creative,interesting... It's the feeling you like it so much,you want it,no matter what. Pain has never been a major factor for me. With me, what matters is the end result. If it's right,it doesn't matter that much what I need to go through to get it. Anyway,that piece of metal was something I felt belongs to me,something I need,and at the same time something distant and forbidden,something that was being kept away from me. And there you have it - all the reasons to make me go after something by using all means.

  One day I was buying some things from my favourite shop when I saw a sign that said there was a tattoo & piercing studio opening in town. Now I was determined to get what I've wanted so much for so much time. It was somehow pushing me from the inside, some voice that was telling me this is the way to know myself,it was like my inner self wanted to finally move around freely and take a breath.There are just a few words I can say to justify all my interest in body modification,and one of them is freedom.Freedom and beauty were the things I was chasing after at that very moment. And then the idea of searching around the Internet for more information on facial piercings came to me. And that's the way I found BME. I was so fascinated by the tons of information and pictures in it,it was like discovering a gold mine,but that's another story... ;) So,anyway,I read a lot about the process of facial piercings,aftercare,etc. I was particularly interested in Eyebrow and Lip piercings. After reading enough about it,I went to the studio and asked the guy who was doing the piercings some questions. I wanted to see if he is going to do it 'right'. Given the facts there are only a few piercers in my town,and that almost everybody would recommend me the artist in the new studio, I decided to give it a shot and visit him the next day.  

 It was a dark,rainy day,but the weather wasn't affecting me. I was really excited about getting my first facial piercing. A friend of mine who also liked piercings a lot came with me. We went to the studio,but the practitioner wasn't there at the moment. However, I was determined to get my eyebrow done then and know.So we sat in front of the studio to wait for him.After half an hour he showed and opened up the studio. He prepared everything in a few minutes and invited me in the piercing room.Everything was going so fast I barely had time to worry about anything. I chose the size and type of jewelry I wanted. To be honest, I just didn't know what to choose and I picked the standart 1.6mm stainless steel barbell. Then he put on his gloves and picked up some clamps and a needle. I remember he was listening to a band I really liked, and that made me feel more comfortable.Then again,I was nervous about the pain. I thought that it would hurt like hell. When the guy actually did the piercing, I felt some pain but hell, it was a lot less than what I had expected.The needle passed through my eyebrow from bottom to top. He was really fast and did the whole procedure in about 30 seconds. After he screwed in the top ball I felt relieved. I got up and looked myself in the mirror.  

It wasn't  a big change. Infact, I still felt kind of incomplete.I wanted more... :) But,it was a start after all. So i focused on the eyebrow and it was certainly done 'right' It was just the way I wanted it. Happy enough, I paid my 25 leva for it,after which the piercer gave me some advice about aftercare. It was pretty much the same info I have already found on the internet. After that I got out from the studio to meet my friends and show them I have finally gotten a facial piercing. It was raining outside and it worried me a little if the piercing would get infected but the thing that worried me most was the reaction of my parents. After I had my fun showing the piercing to my friends I got home and argued with the parents. They were extremely unhappy with it and yelled to me a lot but I really think it's my right to look the way I want and that they are in no right to decide that. After all, the piercing meant a lot to me,I've wanted it for such a long time and I was ready to fight for keeping it. And I am so glad I did. 

Having made the first step in body modification gave me a lot of inner strength. Aftercare was nothing special, I didn't even soak the piercing in salt water. I just left it alone and I didn't have any problems with healing. The only inconvenience I met during the first week was that I had to watch how I was sleeping because it hurts when pressing it to the pillow. So watch not to sleep on it,and watch out when dressing/undressing. In the beginning, I was often forgetting it's there but after a few days I got used to it.

I would recommend to anybody feeling the need to have a mod to just go out and get it,no matter what. At least give it a try - it gives you inner piece.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Dec. 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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