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My Eyebrow Piercing

My Eyebrow Piercing

            Around the time I told my boyfriend that I was going with two friends to get my belly button pierced he began talking about getting his eyebrow pierced.  I too had considered getting my eyebrow pierced in the past.  The day I got my belly button pierced he told me that he really wanted to get his eyebrow pierced soon.  I told him that if he waited a month to see if my belly button piercing healed properly I would get it done with him.  He agreed and the subject of piercing came up a few times.  We knew we were going to get it done it was just a matter of when.  Especially since we sometimes work opposite shifts.  We both work at the same place but I usually work the morning shift ( eight til four) and he usually works the night shift ( one til nine).  One night we were discussing what to do the next afternoon since we were actually working the same shift.  I told him we could go get our eyebrows pierced.  He thought that was a good idea and quickly agreed.

            The next day we got home from work shortly after four.  We had a little bit of running around to do before we could go get our eyebrow piercings, but we decided we were going to get it done for sure that evening.  I looked online to see the hours of Studio 42, the tattoo and body piercing shop I went to when I got my belly button pierced.  Turns out they were open until ten that night, so we had plenty of time.  Before we left to get our piercings I read some of the experiences of people who got their eyebrows pierced on BME.  I had discovered this sight the day after I got my belly button pierced.  I was searching for a site that would tell me what to expect from body piercings and this site told me everything I needed to know including after care and healing.

            Finally, my boyfriend asked if I was ready to go get my eyebrow pierced.  Ofcourse I said I was ready.  Surprisingly, I wasn't as nervous about getting this piercing as I was when I was going to get my tongue and belly button pierced.  When we got there we gave them our ids, which they made copies of.  Then they gave us each a form to fill out.  Nobody else was ahead of us so we went straight back.  The guy who pierced us was Mick, the same guy who pierced my belly button.  He asked us if we wanted a black ball or a silver ball for our cbrs, we both chose silver.  He showed us that everything he was using was sterile.  Then he asked who was going first.  I told my boyfriend he could go first.  When he was done he said it didn't hurt at all.  It looked so nice I was excited to get mine next.  Now it was my turn.   I sat on the chair and Mick asked me what side I wanted pierced, I chose my right.   Next,  he marked with purple marker where my piercing would be and told me to check it out in the mirror.  I told him it looked good.  I laid back and grabbed my boyfriend's hand as the clamps were put on.  I asked Mick not to tell me when he was putting the needle through because I'm a wuss when it comes to needles.  Before I knew it I was pierced and Mick was tightening the ball on my jewelry.  The whole process was painless.  I was surprised that neither one of us bled, since I read that sometimes happens.  Also, I didn't hear that popping noise that some people say they have heard when getting their eyebrow pierced.    The clamps didn't hurt like everyone usually says they do.  The needle was painless too.  As soon as he said I was done I jumped out of the chair and looked in the mirror.  I was instantly in love with it.  It looked like it should have always been there.  Mick told us the after care instructions and gave us a packet with the after care instructions in case we forgot anything when we got home.  He asked if we had any questions, we didn't.  He said if we think of any to call or come in and he would "\ÃwØ:

answer them for us. He also told us that if we want to we can go back in a month and he will change our jewelry for us. We thanked him, paid the forty five dollars and went home, happy we had finally got another piercing together.

            We've been cleaning our new piercings with saline solution and that stuff they give you when you get your ears pierced at the mall.  Also, we're going to start doing sea salt soaks on them every night.  It has been exactly a week since we got our piercings, and neither one of us has had any trouble with them.  Neither one of us had any bruising or swelling.  My boyfriend sleeps on his, but I'm still afraid I'll get mine caught on my pillow and rip it out or something.  It was surprisingly easy to teach myself not to sleep on my right side.

            If you're thinking about getting your eyebrow pierced you should go for it.  If you are nervous read some of the stories on BME so you know what to expect.  Also, take somebody along with you to take your mind off being scared.  I think getting two piercings done together ( tongue & eyebrow) have brought me and my boyfriend even closer.  It gave us something more to bond over.  We both love our new piercings so much that we're talking about getting the other side done as well.


submitted by: witchy_kitty`
on: 22 Dec. 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Mick
Studio: Studio+42
Location: Beaver+Falls%2C+PA

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