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Bridge Again!

This all started kind of randomly about a week ago when I met up with an old friend that I hadn't seen in ages down the pub that I work at for a few drinks and we got onto the subject of body modification. He then proceeded to tell me that a well known piercer in my area called Tamsin will pierce people she knows 'out-of-studio' with all the proper equipment and procedures of a general well run studio for reduced prices. I thought that I couldn't say no to that sort of deal and I had wanted to get my bridge done again so I decided to speak to her when I next saw her.

When I was out with my girlfriend at the Silks bar I saw her and decided to ask her if she would be able to pierce me for cheap as I don't work many hours and my pay is rather low. She was very friendly and agreed to do it and even went outside with me to discuss what I wanted done, where and when she can do it and when it would suit me. We decided that the next day would be fine and that she could do it at the pub she works at during her shift for only £10. This made me a very happy boy indeed and went back to my girlfriend to give her the good news where she decided to get her tongue pierced at the same time, also with Tamsins agreement.

I turned up at this pub at 11:45am the next day with a horrible hangover and about three hours of sleep after the night at the bar, me and my girlfriend walked inside to be greeted my Tamsin already washing her hands and putting on her gloves, she then led us into a staff only area where the where a large set of stairs, she then asked me to sit down to the stairs so that she could easily reach my nose and carry out her work.

I wasn't really worried about getting this piercing done as I've had it before so I really know what to expect. Sadly, my first one rejected after a short period of time and was a little crooked as I had let a trainee piercer at a studio I used to go to do it. It had also left with me with a couple of rather strange looking hole scars which I'm quite in love with!

Anyway, once Tamsin had sorted everything out she did the usual thing of dotting my nose with a disposable medical marker and asking me if it looked OK. We couldn't actually find a mirror so I trusted her judgement and let her continue. She then clamped my nose which was uncomftable as usual and inserted the needle with a swift and easy motion while my eyes were closed but still managing to water quite badly! While all this was happening my rather inexperienced girlfriend was looking on with quite a shocked look on her face and deciding if she should have her tongue pierced just before Christmas when she wouldn't be able to eat all the lovely food!

The process was completely flawless and was also completely painless, but thats probably due to the experiences I've had with previous piercings. Its now two days after I've had the piercing and I haven't experienced any pain at all, there has been no noticeable swelling and only a little bruising. There has been very little crusting as well but enough to indicate that it is healing up nicely.

I'd say that this experience was a rather different one but also a very enjoyable one. Now I have my bridge back again and I'm happy. So many people said that I suited me when I had it before, and when I had had it done this time most people didn't even notice it was back!

Getting a piercing in a pub really isn't the safest place to have holes put into your body, that I know. I only did this because I trusted the piercer and because I have many other piercings and know the proper procedures for cleanliness. I really wouldn't recommend something like this to a person who has never had any piercing done before and doesn't know what to expect.

After the piercing we sat down for a couple of glasses of lovely Coca-Cola and chatted about the experience that had just passed and about my future body modification plans. Oh, and for those wondering about my girlfriend and her tongue piercing... She favored the food and decided to wait until the new year!

I think I'll be seeing Tamsin again for future piercings and I'd recommend her to anyone either inside or out of the studio as long as they knew what they were doing. She did my labret for me a few years back and also went perfectly. I'm gonna let this bridge heal up then go back for some work on my ears to continue that little project...

Happy holes make happy times!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Dec. 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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