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My painless pride

I think I was about 14 when I developed an obsession for my eyebrows and having at least one pierced. The reason I waited so long to actually get it pierced was because I lived in a small town and the people who did body piercing there where real amateurs and lots of people I knew had really disgusting ugly piercings that were constantly infected. So even if I had of wanted to get my eyebrow pierced there my mum wouldn't let me.

This year my family moved to a bigger city. I was at school one day and my friend was showing me her belly button piercing. It was then that it occurred to me that I could actually get my eyebrow pierced. It was my 17th birthday and my best friend was coming over to visit so I decided to go and get my eyebrow pierced so mum drove me to the body jewellry shop and me and my friend went in and I asked the guy there if I could get my eyebrow pierced. He said sure so I stood there for a while asking questions about it. I'm quite prone to infection I've had my ear lobes pierced twice and both times they have got infected so I was worried about that happening to my eyebrow so the guy gave me a sheet to tell me how to look after it and some antiseptic stuff to clean it and then he helped me pick the right barbell. I decided to get a pink titanium barbell the guy at the shop had heaps of different options for jewellry but he told me titanium was pretty good so that's what I went with.

While I was waiting for the barbell to be sterilized I just got more advice on how to look after it properly and stuff and then a few minutes later I walked into the little room in sat down in the "dentist chair". I decided to get my left eyebrow because its thinner than my right one but it has a nicer shape so I wanted to emphasize it. I can't really remember what the clamp was like it didn't hurt though. I closed my eyes when I seen the needle even though when I seen it the guy was still pulling it out of the packet. Once he had got everything ready which I don't really remember because I had my eyes closed for most of the time because I'm a real wuss and I was afraid of pain but it actually doesn't hurt at all I admit I got a fright when the needle broke through the skin and when I felt blood stream down my face, the reason for that is that I took almost an entire packet of panadol before and at the time I didn't know that it makes you bleed more and I'm not sure why I even bothered with pain killers it doesn't hurt one bit and they don't even work anyway but even the bleeding wasn't that bad. For a little while after I had it done it was a little uncomfortable trying to sleep because I usually sleep on my left side and I that was the side my piercing is on.

Even though for my whole life I have been really prone to infection I haven't had any trouble with my eyebrow. I've had it for a month exactly today and its fine the only problem I have had with it is that a lot of company's disagree with the whole facial piercing thing so my work has made me wear a plaster over it which most people comment on it being really stupid like that and people should get over it but the plaster also gets quite sweaty and sometimes I get a bit of white discharge around the top of the piercing but it hasn't cause any major problems...

The only current problem I have been having with my eyebrow piercing is that today I decided I was going to change it I went back to the store that I got it done in an bought some new tips to screw onto the ends and the guy said it looked fine to change although it is wise to wait for at least 6 weeks. I came home and went to unscrew the tips off so I could change them but I actually can not get it to unscrew and from all the poking around with it, it now hurts and I have decided to wait until It feels fine again for when I try to get undone again because I love it so much and I don't want to risk it getting infected or damaging it in anyway (if that is possible to do).

So for anybody out there who for their own reason is planning to get there eyebrow pierced... I highly recommend it. It doesn't hurt and as long as you have a responsible body piercer the risks are very low. I do not yet regret getting mine done and I am planning to get a micro barbell pierced right next to it sometime one day but I'm in no rush.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Dec. 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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