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The First Non-Conventional Hole!

I've always loved the look of facial piercings of any kind. However, my parents have never expressed the same passion for them that I do, so when it came down to my begging and pleading for an eyebrow piercing six months before I turned eighteen, their response was "what are you, crazy!?"

Still, nearing the month of September and the infamous eighteenth birthday, they gave it more consideration, and finally agreed to let me have it pierced. My mother was adamant about checking local shops, scoping them out for how sanitary they were, what the people there were like, and all that. We searched most of L.A., figuring that if there were to be well-renowned shops anywhere around Woodland Hills, it would be there. When it came right down to it, we didn't find any we liked; using the BME guide for as to what we should be looking for (my mother also studied the risks pages and "what you should know" page religiously beforehand), no place seemed worthwhile. Bummed, I decided I would have to wait and find a place that I really felt comfortable with some other time.

A few days later, I was speaking with a friend of mine who is relatively heavily tattooed, and he mentioned a parlor called "Think Ink" on Ventura. He said that he had gotten several of his piercings done there, and was pleased with it. Deciding to check it out, I convinced my mother to go with me there.

Upon arriving, we were greeted by a woman who introduced herself as Deborah, and proceeded to ask us what we were looking for. I conveyed my wishes, and she was more than happy to give us information about the piercing, procedure, and after-care. I think what really caught both me and my mother off-guard was that she was so friendly and helpful; the other places we had been had kind of shrugged us off as ignorant, and were rather rude. She took out the jewelry she would use for it, asked if it was all right, and presented the different sizes and shapes I could choose. Deciding that this place was the one for me, we set up an appointment for two days later.

Coming back that Thursday, I was more than just nervous. I had never been pierced before, aside from the three holes in my earlobes (the two initial piercings having been done when I was a tot and the third at a little shop in the mall, shame on me!) and was worried as to how it would work. She led me to a room behind the counter, which had an archway opening that looked out to the street, and asked about the placement, made the marks, and got her tools ready as I lay down on the faux-dentist chair.

I had assumed, somehow, that the procedure would be more ceremonious. The clamps went on, and I actually thought at first (since I, like a wimp, closed my eyes) that I had just been pierced. She calmly told me it would be a good thing if I could stop twitching my eyelids like I was, and slid the needle through, poking the top of one of my eyelids (not her fault, I was pretty twitchy). My eyelids continued to twitch violently, and by some small miracle she managed to get the jewelry in. I was informed when I was ready that I could sit up, and did so promptly, admiring myself in the waist-up mirror directly across from me. I didn't feel heady at all, which seemed to surprise her, and she cleaned it, informing me that I would need to use salt water twice a day, not to handle it with dirty hands, and so on. There was little more to it than that; she handled our transaction at the front counter, bode us farewell, and we were on our way to buy some sea salt.

For as much as the piercing itself didn't really seem to hurt initially, afterwards I was plagued by a blinding headache for a few days, had a cut on my eyelid from the needle, and a bruise on my eyebrow from the clamps. However, I couldn't have been more pleased! Even my mother, who shuddered as she said it, said it looked good.

So here I am, roughly two months later, still sporting the small, straight barbell which I have, unfortunately, forgotten the gauge size to. As for the procedure as a whole, I was very pleased, and have recommended several people to the shop since. For those who are afraid of getting it done for any reason, be it fear of rejection, pain, or otherwise, go for it! I am very pleased with how it looks, and plan on going back soon for another hole in my body.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 27 Nov. 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Deborah
Studio: Think+Ink
Location: Ventura+Ave.%2C+Ventura%2C+CA

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