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Watching a needle penatrate my skin...

   Hey my name is Jonathan, and I live in Ft. Washington, Maryland. For some time I've wanted to get my bridge pierced, I've had my ears stretched 1/2" and a snakebite done, and I thought that the bridge would match me good. I couldn't imagine it hurting at all, because it is just a chunk of skin.

On a Friday afternoon, my brother, our friend Pat, and me went to a place called Exotic Pleasures in Glen Burnie, Maryland. We went in and I told a guy at the desk I was there to get my bridge pierced, and he said its going to be about 10 minute wait. We waited and he brought out the form, and asked for an ID, I'm not over 18 so my mom said she was signing for it, and she gave him hers. Then he said he needed a Birth Certificate, why I have no clue he needed, because they are extremely easy to forge. My mom doesn't carry my birth certificate with her and I doubt any mother does, so we left the shop pretty pissed and disappointed. I had to wait until Tuesday...

So on a Tuesday afternoon after coming home from visiting my girlfriend who lives an hour away, we thought I should just get it done and over with. Mystic Piercings is a place in Crofton, Maryland that I trust due to past piercings I've gotten, so we decided to give the place another visit as loyal customers.

When we got there the pleasant smell of incense and piercers greeted us warmly, and I told the lady working the counter I was here to get my bridge done. A piercer named Ryan came by and told me to follow him on back to get the forms all filled out. After I filled out the forms my mom signed it (I'm not over 18) and then he told me to come into the piercing room. I sat in the chair and started talking to him, and my girlfriend was next to me. I asked him about what's required in order to be a piercer, and we had a neat conversation while he was preparing the needles and cleaning around my bridge area. I told him about Friday, when another store told me i needed a birth certificate, and he also mentioned that birth certificates don't mean anything, due to how easily they are forged. 

When he was ready, he marked two dots on it and asked my how I thought it looked. It looked good to me so I told him to go ahead with it. He put the clamp on, and it was awkward with it on, it didn't hurt, it just was uncomfortable. He looked at it for a second and asked me if I'm ready, and I told him to go for it. I took a deep breathe and with me eyes open and curious, I watched him shove the 3 inch needle through my bridge as I exhaled. There was no pain whatsoever, it tickled a bit and it was really relaxing. He slid the barbell in and tightened the balls, and that was it! 

When he held up the mirror the worst thing I thought of before I was going to get it done happened, it was slightly crooked! I didn't worry about it because you had to look at I really close to notice it, so I just dealt with it.  

For a couple hours after I got it done, it was really sore and it hurt mildly. I cleaned it 3 times a day with a packet of Triple Anti-Biotic with a Q-tip and in the shower as well. After a week the swelling went down, and it was going well. After two weeks I went back to Mystic Piercings so I could get a smaller bar for the barbell. Ryan wasn't there so another person with this awesome Evil Dead hoodie did it for me, and charged $10 for the bar and work.  

Now its been around 3 weeks that I've had it done and I think its healed, there's no pain at all, no puss or "crusties" around it, and I can move it freely. I've had tons of compliments on it as well as people freaked out by it, and I get told all the time that it doesnt look crooked, I think it looked crooked because it was swollen, because after it healed it didn't look crooked. I don't plant to stretch it any more than a 14g, but I plan to get my septum done next, most likely from Mystic Piercings. For anyone reading my story and want your bridge pierced, It's not painful at all, similar to the eye brow piercing. If you live in Maryland i recommend Mystic Piercings in Crofton.


submitted by: xnoshamexnoregretsx
on: 18 Nov. 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Ryan
Studio: Mystic+Piercings
Location: Crofton%2C+MD

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