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There's a piece of metal in your face!

For about six months prior to my 18th birthday I'd suddenly become obsessed with the idea of piercing my eyebrow. There's just something about it that is appealing, maybe it's the way that a barbell with gems just makes the eye look that much more feminine. But, in my house, the rule is no body piercing until you're of age. No fun!

The last three months before my B-day, I did a LOT of research. I checked up on all the studios around my area and went to the website that lists all certified piercers to make sure that my parlor of choice was a good idea. I also looked up stories here, on BMEzine, to get an idea of what the experience would be like, and I used the net to look up pretty much every possible opinion on what is right or wrong when it comes to piercing ones eyebrow. Sounds like a lot of work, right? IT WAS WORTH IT!!

On my 18th birthday I had my grandma drive me in to Piercology in Columbus (you should always have someone go with you to drive incase you faint or become dizzy afterwards). I was SO excited!!! My grandma just rolled her eyes, she didn't want to see her baby with a piece of metal in her face because she thought it'd be ugly. When we got to the studio I was getting nervous. The guy behind the counter was really sweet though which calmed down my nerves a lot. He asked what I wanted done, I told him my eyebrow, and we proceeded to walk through the normal routine. Check my license, make a copy, hand over the papers to be signed, pick out the jewelry. Then we went over the aftercare instructions and he made sure he went through everything with me, step by step, and answered whatever questions I had. I paid up front. Next thing I knew it was back to the room!

Everything in the back room was incredibly clean and reminded me of the rooms in a doctor's office. My piercer made some small talk as he got everything situated. To be honest I don't remember the details, or his name, because I was so excited about the final result that I forgot everything that happened beforehand!! He marked my eyebrow, asked if that was alright. I had him move it just slightly to be a little more angled out from my eye. He cleansed the area, pinched my eyebrow, and told me to take three deep breaths. On the third exhale he shoved the needle through. NO PAIN!!! I'm dead serious, it stung for a fraction of a second. Then he slipped the jewelry in. I was so happy when I looked in the mirror that I thought I was going to cry!!!

Everything was, and has been, great. No, I didn't bleed all over my face from my eyebrow. No, I didn't swell up like a balloon. Actually...it looked pretty much the same then as it does now. That was all a year ago and I'm still just as happy with my piercing as I was the day I got it. My grandma even came around after the first week or two and admitted that she thought it didn't look bad at all. =)

I wear a threadless curved barbell with diamond gems in either end, the same one I was pierced with. I've gotten a lot of compliments on it which makes me smile from ear to ear. My little sister asks if I ever change the jewelry but the truth is that I've looked and nothing is as pretty to me as the one I've got!

I'm super pleased with my piercing, and I would recommend it to anyone who is a little squeamish about getting their body pierced their first time. When you read about how it doesn't hurt it is the truth! And it's fairly easy to care for so even if you aren't the most dedicated person you can pull it off with a little will power.

This year, for my birthday (maybe a little before, I'm getting impatient), I think I'll get my left nostril pierced. But that is another story that I'll be sure to tell you about when it happens!!

My Advice?: Make sure you really research something like this before you do it. And give it a few months before you actually commit to it. If, three months down the road, you still want it then you know it's right for you! PLEASE follow your aftercare instructions. I've had a lot of friends who didn't and got infections. BE GOOD TO YOUR PIERCING!! Eyebrow piercings are some of the fastest migrating piercings because people don't take care of them( i.e. playing with it, carelessly letting it get caught on things/bumped around, messin' with the jewelry all the time). And...you know..."love the skin you're in." Hehe. =)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 Nov. 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Studio: Piercology
Location: Columbus%2C+OH

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