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After one failed attempt at having my eyebrow pierced I was weary about trying again. The short life of my first eyebrow piercing came one day when I was getting into my car and my seat belt got caught on my barbell. Not good. Needless to say, it was not the best experience. But after about four months of thinking and looking back at pictures of when I had it pierced I decided that it would be worth a second try.

For all but one of my piercings I went to Steel Addictions, so when I decided to take a second chance with my eyebrow, I knew that I would have the best luck going there. The whole staff is really knowledgeable and friendly, so if you're in the Northwest Ohio area, I recommend you check them out. The day that I went in Sean was working, and I really had not had much experience with him other than when he changed my nose ring for me. I had contacted him with piercing questions though, and he always had very educated answers, so I had no worries trusting him to pierce me.

First thing that happened when I entered the studio was I was greeted by the counter worker and asked to fill out some paper work. Just the basic questions like did you eat in the past 6 hours and that kind of stuff. They also took my ID and made a copy of it. Then the counter guy explained all the aftercare and do's and don't's of piercings, like swimming pools, bodies of natural water and tanning beds, which I already knew, but I didn't want to seem rude and stop him by saying "oh yeah, I already know that...". After that I paid for the piercing and bought a bottle of Satin soap to wash my new piercing with. Then it was time for the piercing.

Being I already had gone through the experience of getting my eyebrow pierced, I knew what to expect so I was not nervous. I had already decided that I wanted the new piercing pretty much right where the old one was. And since there was a scar, it was easy to get the placement where I wanted it. During the process of getting out the supplies and marking my eyebrow Sean changed his gloves at least three times I would guess. It made me feel good about my decision to return to Steel Addictions.

Since I am not really a fan of captive bead rings in eyebrow piercings I decided to go ahead and get a barbell again. 16g curved barbell with relatively small balls so it would be less noticeable, since actually I am not supposed to have piercings at my job, but that hasn't stopped me from getting a total of eleven piercings on my head.

Then it was time for the most uncomfortable part of the piercing, the clamps. Last time I had my eyebrow pierced I had a bad experience with the clamps and I had a huge bruise on my eye for about three weeks. But this time I noticed Sean took more care to not let the clamps be too tight. I saw him test it on his hand before he put them on my eyebrow. That made me pretty happy because the last thing I wanted accompanying my new eyebrow piercing was a big old bruise. This time the clamps did not seem to hurt as much as before, which was definitely a plus. Sean explained to me that he would tell me to take a deep breath and exhale as he put the needle through, which has been the case each time I've gotten pierced.

As for the actual piercing itself, it did not seem to hurt nearly as much as it had the first time. Maybe it was because of the scar tissue or that I knew what to expect, I don't really know. All that I know was I hardly felt the needle go through. At first I did not believe that he had actually pierced it because I seriously felt nothing. When it came to inserting the jewelry, it slightly hurt when he was screwing the ball onto the barbell, but nothing too bad. Definitely nothing like the first time I got it pierced.

Another difference is that the first time I got my eyebrow pierced it bled and bled for a couple hours and then got super swollen, followed by bruising. This time however there was little to no blood involved with the piercing. Also, the swelling was very little. I could not see much difference looking at it in the mirror. And there wasn't the slightest hint of bruising. Definitely a major plus.

I've now had the piercing for almost a week, and the healing is going smoothly. The lower hole of the piercing did get a little irritated, but that is expected with a fresh puncture wound hole. I've been cleaning it twice a day and doing some sea salt soaks to make it feel better. I have not noticed much discharge. The third day of having I woke up and there was a little crusted blood around the exit holes, but I think that may have been from bumping it around during the night. Occasionally it gets a sore feeling to it, but once I wash it, the pain goes away.

Everything seems to be going perfectly fine so far and I am really glad that I did go back for the second chance for a wonderful eyebrow piercing. If you are thinking about getting your eyebrow pierced (or re-pierced) I would definitely recommend going for it.


submitted by: Orilind
on: 18 Nov. 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Sean
Studio: Steel+Addictions
Location: Toledo%2C+OH

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