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B-cool experience.

I was fifteen when I got my first facial piercing done.

I had wanted to get my eyebrow pierced since I was twelve years old. Because of several failed self-attempts over a couple of years, I decided to get it done professionally. I called around a couple of places, but a place that had really caught my eye. A little joint called 'B-Cool' that I had passed on my way to this little sub shop about a block away. Most places around here I called were very strict about doing eyebrow piercing on minors, even with parental permission. So, I did a little searchin on mapquest and sure enough, B-cool's name came up. I gave them a call, and they informed me that they will pretty much pierce anyone as long as they have parental permission. So later that day, I dragged my Mom on down to B-cool.

My Mom is cool when it comes to this kind of situation. She'd rather me get it done professionally that do it myself, with less chance of infection. And I was paying for it, so she really didn't have anything to lose. We arrived at B-cool. A little hole in the wall, but nicely decorated outside. I stepped inside; a small, very clean and empty lobby. In the far right corner of the room, there was a woman getting a tattoo done all the way down her calf, which I eagerly snuck quite a few peaks at. The man doing her tattoo told me that the piercing room was down the hall, first room to the right.

I walked in to the room. It was nicely decorated; had a certain homey look to it. Painted black, with black carpet. Most everything was black except for a couple of couches there for people to wait. The piercing area was to the left, not much divided the piercing area from the rest of the room but a small almost Asian looking black and white screen. Behind which was a navy massage chair and a couple of small tables and trays where the piercing would be done. And The pixies, one of my favorite bands, where playing. Bonus points.

There already was a girl with her grandmother, there. They had already done the paperwork, and the girl had already picked out her jewelry. Greeted behind the counter by the woman who would be doing my piercing, Jamie, asked. "What are you getting done?". "Eyebrow." I replied, stupidly pointing to mine as if she had never seen an eyebrow before. She told me that that's what the girl ahead of me was going to be getting done, too. So she explained to us how to clean it and all that jazz. She also told me I could pick out my jewelry while the other girl was getting hers done. So I did, but the window between the lobby and the piercing room allowed me to watch the girl get her tattoo done. Interested me in a profession doing tattooing myself, someday. So I didn't pay too much attention to the jewelry.

The procedure only took about five minutes, and the girl was done. She paid, and her and her grandmother were on their way. She called my Mom up, and handed us the paperwork. A short form. Asked for my Mom's ID, and that was that.

I picked out a silver balled barbell. She said that rounded barbells were the best that you could get with a first piercing, and I picked out silver because I didn't have to worry about it matching anything. She took me back in to the piercing area. I took a seat, at the massage chair. I saw her get ready, putting on gloves, getting out the clamps, the needle, and the jewelry. Everything she would need. She marked the spot with a pen, asked me if it was okay, and I said that it was. I didn't care too much about the placement, but it was absolutely perfect. Tilted slightly, and at just the right spot to the side. Next she got out a pair of clamps, and clamped my eyebrow. Most people say that the clamps are the worst part. None of the process hurts, but the clamps are definitely annoying as hell, but I think they do provide a certain numbingness that helps ease the pain. She told me to lay down, and I did. I closed my eyes before she even had to told me to, and I listened to her get a couple of more things ready. After a couple of seconds, I heard her. "Take a deep breath in." and so I did. And I felt the needle go through. The pain was a lot like I had expected it, it felt as if someone had pinched my eyebrow. I have a pretty high tolerance for pain, but I safely can say that it didn't hurt any worse than a hangnail. My first reaction was "What? That's IT?". She then pushed the jewelry in, but she was having trouble screwing on the ball, so I had to wait a minute for her to do that. I kept my eyes closed until she told me she was done, and I got up, and had a look. I loved it. Light headed, I paid her 45 dollars and forgot to tip (which I regret). She explained to me how to clean it, and where I had gone wrong with my cartilage piercing. How long to leave it in, all of that. And I was one my way. Now I have my own piercing to play with all I want.

I've had it for two weeks, and so far it has not crusted or pussed at all. It's beautiful looking with no signs of redness or irritation, it looks as if I'd had it for years. People ask me if it was painful. The process wasn't, but the first time I cleaned it was a bitch, and I think that's what hurt the most of the entire process. Over a couple of days it hurt less and less. The pain is almost completely gone now when I touch it, I can easily clean it and take care of it without hurting at all. Twice a day, folks.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 Nov. 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Jamie
Studio: B-cool
Location: twin+cities%2C+MN

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