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The Straightest Bridge Piercing I Have Ever Seen.

It was a dark and stormy night, but not really. It was late August 2005 when I decided I wanted my bridge pierced. I had been humming and hawing about it for the past few months, until I found out that there was a two for one sale (get one piercing, get the other free, except for jewelry I think it was) on at Transformations.

I decided I needed to take advantage of that since I'm addicted to body mods, so I started asking around within my friends, seeing who else wanted to get pierced (I only had enough money for one). I wasn't really expecting to find anyone since the sale was only on for a few more days, but to my surprise (and relief), my friend Janelle wanted her other nostril done (she already had her right one done). We decided we'd split the cost right down the middle.

I called Transformations the next day to ask if the would let me sign for my bridge if I was only sixteen. I knew at some places you had to be eighteen to get your bridge because it was considered a surface piercing (which it is, but a more common one). But luckily I was able to sign for it at my age, which obviously made me pretty happy.

Janelle and I decided we'd head to Transformations the next day (Aug. 31), so, of course, I felt the need to tell my mom about getting it done. Her response was to immediately tell me horror stories about migraines and medical complications and the usual motherly advice. But I had done my own research and I knew that it could get complicated if it got infected, since it was right by my eyes and directly above my nasal passages, and I didn't want to get either of those infected (or my bridge of course). I had never heard of a person getting migraines from a bridge piercing. So I still wanted to get it done.

I got picked up by Janelle's mother and headed to the shop, my friend Dro decided to come along for the show. I was a bit nervous, but my few friends who had bridge piercings already said that it didn't hurt at all. Janelle got her nose done first (also by Rolland), and then it was my turn.

I had decided to get it pierced at a 12ga to lessen the chance of rejection. So Rolland had me sit on the little bed thing and proceeded to mark out where the bridge would be. That alone took about half an hour. I remember looking in the mirror at one point and seeing that he had drawn an upside down cross on my forehead, I felt like some sort of satanic version of Charles Manson (no offense to anyone, I'm not trying to be politically incorrect or anything). But that was alright by me because my bridge turned out perfectly straight (I'm really quite proud of that fact).    Next he had my lay down with my head facing him. He put the clamp on, told me to take a few deep breaths and pierced me, and it hurt, a lot. So much for it being completely painless haha. It was only after he had screwed the beads on that he found out he couldn't fit the clamp over them. So I was stuck there while he and Brawnwen (the girl at the teller) took the beads off and then the clamp and put the beads back on, that took about 2 minutes I guess, but it wasn't too bad. It ended up costing seventy dollars, but it was worth every penny

I would recommend anyone who wanted their bridge done, or any other piercing for that matter, to get it done at Transformations. They are extremely professional, clean and kind (if a bit on the expensive side)

So it was done, Rolland told me it would take about 9 months to heal, to clean it with saline (which is the only thing I use on piercings, I don't trust anything else) twice a day, don't touch it, you know, the usual fresh piercing lecture. He said to come back in about three weeks to get the barbell downsized. (I haven't quite got around to that yet, I've been sick for the past week and a half)

I've had my bridge now for aver a month and am absolutely in love with it. I haven't had a single problem with it (yet) and it looks awesome on me. All my friends love it, even my mother grudgingly admits it looks good. All in all it was a pretty wicked piercing experience. (I will eventualy get some pictures up on here as soon as I get my camera fixed.)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 Oct. 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Rolland
Studio: Transformations
Location: Nanaimo%2C+BC

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