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Patience pays off with a lovely present.

    It seems for as long as I've had facial piercings in (many years at this point) I've been intrigued by the idea of surface facial piercings, in particular the anti-brow or variations on this design. It's beyond me why it's taken me so long to finally do such, I think partially because of the ease of access to other forms of piercing I have adopted as well as this idea that it would be a long drawn out procedure that more than likely would fail. Horror stories are what I was told and what I read the most of, due mostly to the fact that they get your attention the most and the easiest. I started doing research about these sort of piercings a few years back, basically when I was moving into the world of piercing myself (that is working towards being a piercer / body artist) and found that they are probably around 60/40 in terms of healing just due to the idea of body rejection and difficulty of care and cleaning, a far better idea than the images created of these horrible wrecks that were made out of the desire to have a surface procedure done. It was definitely a positive step in my growth of modification, and a sort of wakeup call to the so called "artists" constantly doing things improperly (in my findings that was a large part of the issue with surface piercings not to say that the individuals who had them didn't have a part in the failure).

We move forward several years, a dozen modifications and a few suspensions and find myself here two weeks previous to writing this piecing awaiting a phone call concerning jewelry, a custom measured ¾" surface bar with flat disc ends to be exact. I had been waiting eagerly for such for a few weeks, basically like the coming of Christmas. The call came Thursday, just before a large exam at school (pretty much putting me in wonderful spirits to do well on the said exam), and that Saturday I traveled back home from campus to finally have the procedure done. I've had nothing but wonderful experiences with Joe at Kustom Kulture and this was going to be no different I felt. I arrived at the parlor just minutes after he did as well, only to catch him finishing up lunch (more waiting I thought, ah well). We got to talking as we usually do (he is someone I've learned much of my piercing knowledge from and a testament to any professional piercer), and I was shown what was being waited upon. The bars looked beautiful, I could only imagine what they were going to look like in my cheek, and I believe I actually said something along those lines when he took them out. He started cleaning his area to prep up for the day; it seemed that I was going to be the first. Such was not the case, a couple came in from fairly far away looking to get a pretty simple cartilage piercing so I let them go ahead of me (more waiting, ah well its worth it I figured).

Finally it was my turn under the needle(s); everything was cleaned, and then after that cleaned again. I felt at ease with someone was specific to deal and professional as I try to be, even with such an environment it felt like I was getting work done by a close friend (although we pretty much have become something like that) rather than just a worker I was paying to get work done by. The longest piece was the first, measuring and marking. Everything had to be just right, the both of us wouldn't have it any other way, and with the marking being so close to my eye it was hard to keep up such. I found that after while of checking my eye started to get somewhat bothered, nothing big, kind of like when you have something in your eye, that weird twitchy feeling. After probably 30 to 40 minutes of checking both by measuring and mirror, he and I felt confident on the placement and relationship to both sides for the piercing to get done. I was explained in more detail about EXACTLY how the piercing was done, I always worried when I was in there that I was a nuisance because I'm so curious, I was reassured as not and delighted to hear how the needle was going to make its passage. I think talking during such makes me feel more at ease and confident in my decision because I know at all times what is going on with my work.

We started on the right side, he asked if I was ready and the reply was "Of course". The first part of the piercing was actually directly straight into the side of the cheek, once the bevel of the needle began to cut then an angle was made to compensate for the shallow u-shape of the bars being used. I was surprised greatly by the strength of the skin around my upper cheek and eye to be honest. I knew this procedure was not going to be quick like say a lip or ear piercing but it seemed much longer than expected. The majority of the time it was as if something or someone was pushing in on my cheekbone and face (which in essence he was I suppose) and there wasn't any real noticeable pain until the last layer of the pass through, it had a sort of pop similar to that satisfying one that you get when you know your septum is finished (for those who have that as well). No bleeding occurred on either side when it was done (and to date none as occurred yet). Time period after is mostly awe and soreness, they might be switched in level of degree depending on the person however, I think any soreness I would have been having was transplanted with this sense of joy, that which I was hunting down to have for years I finally obtained.

The biggest step was ahead of me as it would be with any surface piercing really, the after care. I find myself to be meticulous with any piercing really, but I knew I had to give this specialized care because of the nature of the piercing itself. Standard cleaning procedures work well, for those who don't know basically antibacterial soap AS WELL as Sea-Salt soaks a few times a day work like a charm. But you have to remember to use both, leaving out one could and more than likely would lead to a longer healing time or a less favorable healing period. You will want to avoid tight clothing mostly for the idea of head clearance and the fact that you really don't want to snag either of these on something and running the risk of tearing, also if you can sleep on your back the entire night it will make your mornings much more pleasant, that isn't to say sleeping otherwise will ruin the piercing but it will be sore, sore, sore in the morning leading to the conclusion that it irritates the piercing. All in all they are lovely piercings and as long as you are dedicated to the care of them, they will come out beautifully. But do make sure as with any surface work especially to go to someone you are 100% confident in and know runs a professional establishment. For those in Connecticut I highly recommend Kustom Kulture for both piercing and tattoo work, they are probably the most professional (yet laid back) group of artists in the area. They have the skill needed and the atmosphere that would lend it self to comfort and confidence.


submitted by: gaara
on: 06 Oct. 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Little+Joe
Studio: Kustom+Kulture
Location: Plainville%2C+CT

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