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My Very First Eyebrow Piercing

I think my story of the first time I got a facial piercing is one to remember forever. I know I'll never forget it, and neither with my mother; none of my family will forget for that matter. Even my friends, to this day, still make fun of me for it!

First, I had always wanted a facial piercing done, whether it be my nose, my lip, etc. So one day (or night I should say) I got the bright idea into my head that hey, I should just do it myself like all my friends did! But being the "freak" I am, decided to do it differently then as I was told by my friends as to how they did it. One of my friends was drunk when she got hers done, and stuff like that, so I thought what the hey, I want it done, so lets just get it over with.

I had first wanted to pierce my own cartilage, but after trying to pierce it with a thumb tack (which it didn't work to begin with), I thought it wasn't such a good idea. I also heard you could shatter your cartilage that way, so I thought to myself "okay nope, not going to do that". So then, one of my good friends popped into my head and I remembered her telling me how she had done her eyebrow herself with a kilt pin. At the time I didn't know where mine was, so I couldn't use it, so I had to stick to a normal safety pin.

Then came the process of piercing the eyebrow itself. Man was it cool, but disgusting at the same time! I remember I kept having to stop between push's because I kept having to hold my ice pack to it to numb it as much as I could (I didn't want the pain to "kill me"). I expected it to start bleeding a lot, but only when I took the safety pin out did it start to bleed. That was when I was about to say "screw this, I'm too much of a wimp to just push it through". I looked at myself in the mirror with half the safety pin still in my eyebrow and I knew i had to suck it up and finish the job. So with a couple of push's and a lot of manuvering, I finally got the point through the skin! Thats when I closed the safety pin and left it like that. Big mistake!

Over the week I had left it in (my friends seemed to notice it right away and ask me questions like "did it hurt?" and whatnot), my eyebrow became very infected and the safety pin was even starting to rust (which isn't a good sign!). That was when the lectures from my mother and grandmother started to pour down upon me! My mom explained to me that I was lucky, -very- lucky. She had talked to my grandmother about what I had done, and believe it or not, I was lucky I didn't hit the nerve in my eyebrow or I would only be able to use half my body pretty much.

My mother had gotten scared and I then made a deal with her. I said "Mom, I'll make you a deal. If I take this out and let it heal over, you have to take me to get the other side pierced professionally". I could tell my mother wasn't happy about this, but getting it done by a professional is better then doing it yourself! She agreed to it, only on the condition that I would have to pay for all my piercings after that. After a small laugh, I told her okay and took the safety pin out of my eyebrow. It was nice and infected, though it didn't hurt. By the time the weekend was over, it looked fine! You could barely even recognize that I had had a safety pin through it for the last week.

A little while after that I went to a place called Longhorn; its a tattoo and piercing studio. I had told the guy behind the counter that I wanted my eyebrow pierced and that I had my own jewelery (a barbell). He told me that the only way to pierce it was to have a hoop of the same gage (which they had run out of the previous day). So my mom had taken my back to the store where she had originally bought my barbell. The lady there then explained to us about a place across from a local hang out spot (The Dungeon) called Solitary Studios. She told us that the lady who does the piercings is a professional and she uses all her own jewelery. So me and my mom thought "why not, lets go check it out!"

Everyone there was so nice. The guys who work there, even Lori herself. I remember filling out the form and waiting for my mom to get back from getting the money to pay for it. I was looking around nervously, when my mom finally came back. Lori then took us into the back room and sat me on the table she had in the piercing room. She cleaned my eyebrow for me and after about 3 tries of drawing dots on my eyebrow, she finally found a good place for it. I looked at it in the mirror and agreed, as did my mom. So I then lay on the bed and looked up at the ceiling at the painting that was there. I talked to Lori and my mom through the whole thing, and didn't feel anything but the clamp being put on. I asked a lot of questions that I thought were important to know and Lori answered them for me. Then she snapped the ball onto the hoop (which had come back through the hole as the needle was being taken out) after about 3 minutes of my eyebrow bleeding, cleaned up the piercing and explained to me fully how I was to take care of it. From that moment on I couldn't stop looking at it in the mirror. It was like it became a part of me instantly!

I now cant wait to get another piercing done there (which will be my belly button) and I suggest to anyone who wants a piercing, to go for it, as long as its within reason. Make sure you get your parents permission and even have one of them go with you, just incase! Oh and remember, Safety Pins do -not- make good piercing utensils, so please never use them! Make sure you get your piercings done professionally so nothing goes wrong!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 Sept. 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Lori
Studio: Solitary+Studios
Location: Oshawa

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