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I lost a few hairs but it was totally worth it! yeah!!

                    I have been wanting some kind of piercing since I was about 11. The first time I went to the "Electric Chair" in Huntington Beach I wanted to get pierced. But my dad wouldn't let me get one saying "When you turn 18 you can do anything u want but until then...." Luckily he didn't let me get any because I wouldn't have taken care of them the right way.

      So I finally turned 18 and about a week after my birthday I got my license. The same day I got my license I went to celebrate by getting my eyebrow pierced. I went to where my cousin got her piercings called So Cal Tattoo. I went in and looked around and it was really clean. There was a guy getting a tattoo and a bunch of staff there. It was also really well lit. The girl at the front desk asked if she could help me and I said I wanted an eyebrow piercing and she said to come back in an hour because the piercer wasn't there.

     An hour later I came back. I waited a few minutes looking around and I wasn't nervous at all but I was a little surprised that I was actually going through with my plan after all of these years. After a few minutes the girl called me into the back so I went back and had a seat on the doctor-like table. I saw that there was already a barbell in a cup and I thought it was a little small so I asked about it and she said that size was the standard size. It was a 18g barbell and I asked if I could get a bigger size and she said that was the one they do and if I wanted I could order a different size and come back and they would stretch it for free. It sounded like a plan to me.

  She got out a toothpick and marked my eyebrow with some ink. The mark was a little further out than I had expected to get but I liked this new spot and trusted her judgement. So right when I saw her starting to take something out of a package I told her I didn't want to see the needle. It was just the clamps which she used to clamp my eyebrow. This didn't hurt at all and it wasn't much of a pinch either. By this time I have had my eyes closed for a while. She spoke suddenly and it startled me and I twitched. She told me I shouldn't move so I stayed still the rest of the time.

  Finally she said "Now take deep breathes and when...." and right when she said when she put the needle through. I did not feel any pain at all. And I read the experiences on this site before I got mine and said yeahhh right they didn't feel anything. But I seriously only felt a warm sensation around my eyebrow and no pain. I had two very small droplets of blood (about the size of a sprinkle each) and that was it. The girls in the shop had some piercings and I didn't want to look like a little bitch saying ouch or having my eyes water up. Luckily neither happened.

  After it was all over I was high off of adrenaline and endorphins and the piercer told me to take a seat while she told me about the after care. She gave me these cotton swabs that had liquid solution inside that you release and then clean your piercing with, which makes aftercare really easy. I paid (while I was still a little high) and took off. I had been so shocked by the whole thing that I forgot to tip her so I came back later that day and tipped. I felt so much like a jerk.

 It is a month and a week later and it is healed. The only downside is that I have lost a few hairs at the very end of my eyebrow, I guess because of irritation. It is not noticeable and everyone I have asked said they couldn't tell and they thought I was lying so its not bad. Even if I knew I was gonna lose some hairs I would definitely get this piercing because it is awesome.

I'm getting it stretched from 18g to 14g in a few weeks. This was my first piercing (definitely not my last) and I recommend this piercing as a first piercing to everyone and anyone. Painless and easy to take care of. The swabs I used to clean it were called Dr. Piercings Aftercare. If I get another one on my eyebrow I'm just gonna use soap and salt water and see if I still lose a few hairs or if it was just a reaction to the solution in the swabs.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 Aug. 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Julliet
Studio: So+Cal+Tattoo
Location: San+Pedro%2C+Ca

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