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My Rockin' Eyebrow Piercing

All of this began in May, on my birthday. I don't have many piercings, just two on both ears, so I was going to get my lip pierced as a birthday present. But, when my mom called up to the piercing parlors, they said that I'd have to be at least 15 for them to pierce me. So it seemed as though my dreams were all crushed and that I'd have to wait restlessly for another year to pass in order for me to get my beloved piercing. Three sad months passed by, when I finally brought up the piercing subject to my mom. She said, "You know what they said when I last called. They won't pierce you; you're only fourteen!" For the next three days I pestered her, until she finally caved in and called up the Elektrik Chair. I cheered in joy when my mom got off the phone and said that she was told that they would pierce a 14 year old, now! She easily agreed to let me get it done, since she is completely cool with piercings, but the catch was that I'd have to get the money for it, which was a total of $40 (So expensive!). It was quite easy to get the money. I gathered a bunch of old CDs I didn't want anymore and sold them. But, alas, my original plans of getting my lip pierced were crushed when my dentist said it was a bad idea, since I have braces. I opted for my left eyebrow instead. So, with the money in hand the next morning (which, actually, was today!), my step-dad drove me and my mom downtown, to the Elektrik Chair. We got there a bit early, so we had to wait until they opened. Then my mom and I went in, got the forms, filled them out, and we were good to go! ... ...Except for the fact that the piercer was out and wouldn't be back for another hour. So the two of us sat, waiting in silence for an hour and a half, until Shaun, the piercer, finally came through the door. He came over and asked if I was waiting for a pierce, and then took the consent form and led my mom and I into the back. Now, I've read plenty of stories here in where the piercing room looked like a doctor's office...well, the one I was led into didn't. At all. I was terrified, fearing that the room and all the equipment wasn't sterile. I sat down in a chair, contemplating leaving. I looked around the room, seeing a small shark in a jar on a table beside me. That was actually pretty cool. I was about ready to tell my mom I wanted to leave when Shaun took out the jewelry and needle, each in its own sterile package. He also took out the clamp. He cleaned his hands thoroughly and slipped on some black gloves, thus calming my nerves and doubts of the room's cleanness. He came over and showed me the jewelry, which was a small barbell. I asked why he didn't have any rings, and he told me that barbells were safer in the case of migration, while rings tended to twist the skin if there was any migration.
After explaining the procedure, he marked my eyebrow where he thought the piercing would look best at and asked me what I thought. I liked his markings, so I said they were fine. So then Shaun went over to his tray and picked up the clamp. I hadn't been nervous about the piercing itself at all, but when he clamped my eyebrow, I started getting shaky. My mom watched, looking a bit nervous herself. I closed my eyes tight and bit my lip. Shaun grabbed the needle. "Ready?" he asked. I started to reply with a "yeah", feeling a sharp pinch as I spoke. Shaun quickly slid the jewelry in and screwed the ball on the end of the barbell, and it was all done! I couldn't believe how painless it was! He gave me a mirror to inspect the piercing, and I loved it. I looked over to show my mom. She nodded and agreed that it looked good, adding in that she "could feel the pain all the way over here!" After Shaun finished explaining the aftercare procedures, we paid him and were on our way! I absolutely love this piercing, and I know for a fact that it isn't my last one. I plan on going back in a couple of months to get my other eyebrow done and an industrial piercing. If you are considering getting an eyebrow piercing, DO IT!!! It's a great piercing, basically painless, and looks brilliant. Have a great day and may the future bring you many great piercings!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Aug. 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Shaun
Studio: The+Elektrik+Chair
Location: Wichita%2C+KS

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