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It's about time!

Last year, I got my left nostril pierced and my mom warned me that I wasn't allowed get another piercing for two years.

Despite the above condition, I was really interested in eyebrow piercings. I wanted mine done a lot but was unsure if it would suit me. I checked out the cost and the legal age and found out that you could be fifteen with parental consent or sixteen with ID. I am only fifteen and realized I couldn't even sneak off and get it done so I would indeed have to wait until the following year for it.

However we went on holidays to Gran Canaria (I live in Ireland) and one evening when we were sitting in an outdoor bar, I noticed a piercing place around the corner. My thirteen year old cousin and I went to check out prices and it turned out that it would cost 40 euro for an eyebrow piercing. I went back and told my mom and she didn't really say anything.

A few days later, I broached the subject again, claiming I had sufficient funds and she seemed to be giving in so I continued to bug her until she eventually told me to ask my aunt who we were staying with. My aunt said 'yeah go ahead'. I don't think my mother was incredibly impressed but she kept to her word.

We planned to stop by the piercing place while on our way out one evening so I spent the entire day like a nervous wreck. As we approached the piercing place that night, butterflies swarmed my stomach and I felt sick with apprehension. Imagine my dismay when we found it closed!

We had heard good things about a piercing place just a little down the road in the Yumbo shopping center and so decided we'd try there. Immediately my nerves began again. We reached there to find an incredibly sterile, almost hospital-like piercing place. The guy working there asked what I wanted pierced and my age (My aunt said 16) and then told us that he'd be with us in ten minutes. They were the longest ten minutes I've ever experienced.

Eventually a guy with stretched ear lobes, plastered in tattoos and looking like he stepped out of a punk rock video invited me in. I stood up on shaky legs and my aunt asked if she could come with (Because my mom was too squeamish). They allowed my aunt in and we entered a tiny square room with a few drawers opposite a flat doctor-style bed. He asked me to sit up on the bed and I did so quickly. He then opened a small drawer where I saw the clamp, needle still in a packet and the silver barbell. The needle made me nervous even though I'm not actually afraid of needles. I suppose I was only really scared because it was my first needle piercing and I was afraid of them pushing the needle in slowly or something.

He marked the spots on my eyebrow and told me to check in the mirror, I said they looked good. I was relieved that he took a few minutes trying to get them even before asking me to look. Then he picked up the clamp which was tiny in comparison to what I had previously imagined and he put it on my eyebrow. After reading up on eyebrow piercing experiences, I was quite afraid the clamp would hurt but I barely felt it. Then he pushed the needle through which didn't hurt at all. I was pleasantly surprised. He left a piece of clear rod in my eyebrow, on to which he attached the jewelery so it could be pulled through easily. This part was slightly uncomfortable but completely bearable.

When it was done, he charged 30 euro as opposed to the 40 euro charged in the first piercing studio. He also gave me instructions about using Betadine to clean it and not to go in the pool for three weeks after it. He also claimed that the beach was fine.

That was a little over two weeks ago and I'm completely happy with my piercing. I've changed the jewelery (He told me that it could be changed after two weeks) and all appears to be well. It feels completely healed and I'm delighted that even though I was nervous, I pushed myself to get it done.

For anyone considering getting their eyebrow pierced, I think you should get it done as it is virtually pain free and you'll be pleased with the after result. I just warn to follow the appropriate aftercare as I don't quite fancy the thought of mine getting infected. Also I was talking to someone who had their's pierced before who mentioned that continuously changing or removing jewelery will lead to irritation and/or infection.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Aug. 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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