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my self done eyebrows

Well I had finished stretching my ears to nine point five millimeters earlier one and then adding some more holes. And my navel had already been pierced but I was getting the old piercing bug again. But my ears were all filled up and since I get colds a lot I wasn't sure if nostril (the only part of the nose I'd like to pierce) was such a good idea.

I figured that tongue and lip swell up too much. So I was surfing the experiences page and I saw that most people seemed to think that the eyebrow was the least painful piercing.

That's for me! I thought. So I went and I found some pictures and saw that they were most commonly put at the side. Again I searched and found some great aftercare and procedure information. I went and I got a sixteen gauge STERILE needle and a pretty cool gold plated curved barbell because I heard rejection could be pretty common so I decide to splurge so I wouldn't have to repierce it.

So I chose a Friday night to do it so I had the weekend to heal it really well before school in case something went wrong. I got out all my cleaning supplies and some gauze for the bleeding. First I marked the area. Thirty five degrees from the end of the eye as recommended to me.

I clamped on my forceps and took a deep breath. As the needle entered my skin I was very surprised that it didn't even hurt! I pushed it in more and felt a sting. I took a deep breath and pushed it through some more. It hurt a lot! Or maybe I just have a low tolerance for pain.

The blood started gushing then. Since the needle was hollow large droplets of blood were coming out the bottom of the needle. Ouch! I thought to myself, come on, you've gotten this far just a little bit further and I did. Just a little bit further and It was pierced. I looked in the mirror and realized that I pierced it wrong and had to redo it. So it was pretty much the same thing but more blood and less pain. I pushed the needle all the way through and inserted my little barbell. I don't want to brag but it looked pretty cool.

I was dying to show it off. It was throbbing a bit so I took some Tylenol and went out to show it off. Everyone agreed that it was pretty cool. That night I had a hard time remembering not to sleep on my pierced side but I did get the hang of it eventually. In the morning I woke up and felt to see if it was still there. It hurt a lot when I touched it so I looked in the mirror and saw it was bruised and swollen. I didn't know what to do. I'm going to admit it, I was pretty freaked out!

Well I looked it up and I put a warm compress on it. It made it feel much better. Then I did the little salt water soak and the swelling seemed to go down. I tried not to play with it a lot. It took a lot of self restraint not to. Well it went like this for about a week. I kept at the cleaning diligently and I did the sea salt soak and warm compress.

The swelling subsided quite a bit and the bruising finally went away. I had to continue to clean it and then finally at the end of 3 months it seemed to have healed up! So very cautiously and with much care I decided to change the jewelry to a nice sterling silver bent barbell with little yellow cones on it.

And then yet again I felt that just one eyebrow piercing wasn't enough. So I decided to put in another one right next to it. So again I got my needle and braced myself for the pain. Which was much less the third time around. I put in a captive bead ring this time because I figured it would be easier to clean it and would accommodate for the swelling better.

This time since I was more experience and the jewelry was probably a better choice, I had much less problems. Only a tad bit of swelling and virtually no bruising. Even though I meticulously cleaned it, this piercing did get a bit infected after a couple weeks. But it was fairly easy to maintain and within a week it was gone. Because the captive bead ring got moved around more, especially while I was sleeping, it did take a little longer to heal. However I think that it healing correctly and without much problem was well worth the bit of extra time it took.

All in all, I think that eyebrow piercings are really great and pretty painless. I really enjoy my multiple piercings and don't regret them at all.

A note: this sort of self done piercing is very dangerous and I strongly suggest no one attempt to recreate my experience


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 June 2004
in Eyebrow Piercing

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