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Midlife crisis/temporary insanity made me feel young again!!!!!

Ok, I am a 38 year old mother of 4 who less than a year ago would freak out over people with any kind of piercings other than the "normal" lobe piercing. I just would think "why in the world would they do something like that"? A little more than a month ago, I discovered the answer! The answer is simple: Its a matter of personal expression and to freak other people out!

I have always freaked out a bit when I would see someone with different piercings. I guess I was just an old fuddy duddy, but now since this "mid-life crisis" I decided I dont WANT to look "too old" anymore!

Anyways on to my story: I allowed my 11 year old to get her 2nd (lobe) piercing along with a cartilage-and I decided to get my 3rd (lobe) re-pierced, along with matching cartilage. Then all of a sudden, my mouth opens up without warning and asks about eyebrow piercing! Dont ask me why- My mouth was acting on its own! I was nervous about it hurting but she assured me it doesnt hurt much. I also couldnt very well back out at the time as I had said it in front of everybody and well, I had to follow through. Besides, I trusted her that she would make sure everything went ok.

We went to the back after she did both mine and my daughters ears and she set everything up and explained it very carefully. Inside I was a bit nervous but she assured me it would be cool. She then got some ice for me to hold on the area and then she put some numbing stuff on it. I was sooo afraid that it would hurt and I felt at that moment I would almost scream "stop" but it was too late, I couldnt panic then, so I just kept my cool and put on a tough front. She was so calm, (of course-It was'nt her face she was shoving a needle through!) But by her being so calm, her manner calmed me too. I KNEW she would do a great job, it was just the pain issue I was worried about.

She cleaned the area and marked it where I wanted it, then proceeded to put the clamp on (which is really the only thing that hurt). Once she had it all lined up, she put the needle in and started to push it through. When it went through the bottom, It kind of made a crunching, hard poke kind of feeling (like a dull darning needle through blue jeans) but still did not really hurt. She then explained more as she cleaned up the understandable blood that goes with these kind of piercings, and threaded a 16 gauge curved barbell through the hole in my face.

After it was all over, suddenly, I didnt feel so well. Between the smell of the latex gloves and the alcohol for cleaning, I ended up getting a bit woozy and she got me some orange juice. Which by then I felt a bit embarrassed, but she assured me it was cool, and it happens to some people.

Once she got the silver balls on and cleaned it up, I noticed how natural it felt to have a facial piercing! I instantly fell in love with my new look as I went to show my children and my husband. Although it took him a few double takes to get used to my new look- he loves it almost as much as I do!

It healed very quickly with absolutely no complications whatsoever! Although due to severe obstructive sleep apnea, I must wear a breathing mask and every once in a while I "catch" it on the straps-(can you say OUCH?!?!) But all in all, its great! I did hurt it a couple weeks ago when we went to the Dells and I went up on the bridge on the log ride-(you know the one when the water splashes everyone on the bridge?) THAT HURT LIKE CRAZY! It felt as if I had been hit by a baseball bat in the eyebrow! I kept checking for the next several hours if I had injured it but it was fine, no bruising or nothing.

I told my mother about my piercing, and she completely freaked! (Of course she freaked more when I told her I was going to let my 11 year old get hers done when she is legally old enough to. I figured, its her body and if she wants to pierce her eyebrow, its up to her.

Ever since this life changing experience-I feel like a new person! I have since got my helix pierced (Courtney, that one DID hurt! Sorry), dyed my once all grey and silver hair to dark red and will be getting more piercings in the future(maybe)!

Thanks Courtney, for making me feel young again!!!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 June 2004
in Eyebrow Piercing

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