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Don't Let the Fear Overtake You

For the last four years I've wanted my eyebrow pierced, but I was scared because I'm a needle-phobic. My ex-boyfriend got his done, and I went with him. His eyes watered and he said it burnt. My old friend M.C got hers done and said it was painless.. and then I got my labret done, and thought that since it was painless maybe I should think about getting my eyebrow done.

I talked about it for a few months, bugging my family and friends about it and so finally, two weeks ago, my room mate was going to get hers done and so since I had already been able to get my labret pierced, I figured I could do this no problem. She got her paycheck this past Friday so we made plans to get it done the Saturday since Metal n' Ink were going to a tattooing convention in Toronto (the next big city over).

Friday night, of course I read up as much as I could, asked some people about their experiences and asked for a rough pain scaled of it and then looked at images of the needles used so I'd be prepared. It's been over a year since my labret was done so I didn't remember it all.. Anyway, I had some Tylenol 3's from my surgery last month so I took the piercer's advice (I called the day before) and took one before coming down.

I was all brave and fine until I got downtown to Metal n' Ink and entered the store. Nerves set in. There was a 14 year old girl getting a tattoo done, and so I had to wait forty minutes. I filled out the release form which is mandatory and then spent the rest of the time meditating so I would calm a bit –note needle phobia- and then looked at the many portfolios of Mike and Jim's work. They own the store.

When the tattoo was done, my name was called and I was up. I sat in the chair and told Mike –he pierced my labret so he knew me- to please not show me the needle. Well he did and I freaked badly, and he walked out of the store. Turns out, all his customers today had done that. After three minutes I calmed and he came back. It was time.

He first used a sterilized gauze pad with some sterilizer on it and cleaned the eyebrow where he was going to pierce it (my right one) then he put the clamp on. Honestly? That hurt the most. He told me to inhale and exhale three times and that on the third time the needle would already be in.



Inhale-exhale.. Needle was in.

I made a tiny noise since it felt really odd when the needle went in, then I could just feel it in my eyebrow. Never hurt once. Then he slid the barbell in and put the ball on it. That hurt for a second since he accidentally twisted the barbell because I bled a bit and it made it slippery. I had to sit down since he said I had paled a bit, but after two minutes I was fine and got up to look at it in the mirror. Aside from a teensy bit of blood around both balls it looked awesome. I instantly loved it. It started to sting for about ten minutes, but I had a smoke and drank some more PowerAde™ and all was fine. I tipped Mike for putting up with me, bought some sea salt from him and asked him what would be advisable for sleeping so I don't aggravate it, and he just told me to sleep as I usually do, but make sure my hair is tied back so it doesn't get caught –my hair is really long- and that I have clean bedding often during the initial healing.

I was told that it'd take 8-12 weeks to heal –the whole summer!!- maybe longer maybe shorter but to still take care of it and clean it since it could have it's ups and downs but healing then not healing. I thanked him and left, pretty damn happy with what I had done. Aside from throbbing faintly on the way home and aching a bit –especially when I rolled over on it this morning in my sleep- it's fine. I just cleaned it earlier today and it was fine. All in all, I let my fear get the best of me. It was a painless experience and coming from someone with a low pain tolerance that's a good thing.

This is, however, my last piercing, since I doubt I want to go through the whole nervous thing again, and since I already got my ears, labret and right nipple done, I figured I'm hole-y enough as is. Maybe I'll change my mind in the future, but for now I am happy as is.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 June 2004
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Mike
Studio: Metal+%27n%27+Ink
Location: Hamilton%2C+Ontario%2C+Canada

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