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Bridge or Bust - I

Even though it was my first, my bridge I found to be a pretty easy piercing. I was really worked up for it (a sixteenth birthday gift from a friend), calling around the city and talking to friends and piercing artists alike about the best place to go. I phoned a number of studios asking questions about sterilization procedures and how long appointments took. Both Eye of the Lotus and Third Eye were recommended to me a number of times, for their cleanliness, the quality of the jewelry they used and the experiences that my friends had there. Eventually I decided on Eye of the Lotus because it was closer to home. After some time, I convinced my mother to come talk to the artists there to subdue her fears about body modifications. They reassured her that no, even if my bridge did get infected, the infection would not (contrary to popular belief) travel into my brain and turn me into a vegetable.

On my day of piercing (March 21st, 2004) my mother was still slightly suspicious of the truth about piercings, but came along with me (against, what she calls, her better judgment). Eye of the Lotus is a great, very parent friendly studio on the corner of 107th ave and 115th st. It's very clean, friendly and comfortable: lots of light, and comfy leather couches and body mod magazines in the front for when you're waiting. (This I think is really important if you've got more 'conservative' parents like myself. A place like Urge2 -although a great studio- is a no no for parents because of the darkness and 'hardcore' look and atmosphere.)

Brit was working that day, and before we started she made sure that both my mom and I were really aware of the piercing and cleaning procedures, and that we didn't have any questions. She invited my mom to come watch the piercing, which I think was really reassuring to my mother. First she talked about bridge piercings, the rate of migration and had me pick out the balls I wanted on my barbell. Brit walked me through the procedure and made small talk about "punk music" and the kind of stuff I was into as she cleaned around the bridge of my nose and inked some dots where she would put the piercing through. She let me check in the mirror first to make sure I liked the placement. I did and so we got started.

She had me lie down and then close my eyes because she was going to be "right in my face". She told me what she was doing as she put the clamp on, and then asked me to take deep breaths and we were going to count to three together. The clamp, I figure, was the most painful part, as I didn't notice when she put then needle through on two. When she told me it was through I felt a huge feeling of relief wash over me (I'd only been waiting for the last 3 years of my life for this piercing) and started laughing a little. Because of my unexpected response to the piercing she momentarily "lost the connection" but I wouldn't have noticed if she didn't tell me.  She asked me to wiggle my toes which confused me, but now that I think about it made sense to provide distraction and make sure that I was still alright. Then she put my barbell through and I could feel her screwing on the little silver balls I had chosen before we started. It had bled a little so she cleaned that up for me,  told me to sit up and handed me a mirror. I was grinning from ear to ear, incredibly pleased with my new mod, and she said that she was really pleased with it too, and asked if I wouldn't mind coming back in a few weeks so that she could take a picture of it for her portfolio.

Meanwhile my mother had been cowering/whimpering in the corner as she watched what I think has become a milestone in my life, but when I didn't pass out she regained her confidence a little and said "Well... it didn't look as bad as all that..". Brit reminded me of cleaning procedures (letting water run through my piercing in the shower and soaking it in sea salt water), made sure that I had the cleaning procedure sheet that Eye of the Lotus provides to anyone who is even considering getting a piercing and told me again that if I had any concerns or questions, or if I didn't think it was healing properly to come right back and she'd take a look and help me out.

I've found out that my bridge tends to be a sensitive piercing to getting bumped or hit, I've had it for three months now though, and it's healed up great. I've been back to Eye of the Lotus twice, once for the picture and another time because there had been blood crusting around the right side of my barbell for a few nights (which turned out to just be there because I had knocked it in my sleep). Both times everyone there has been really friendly and helpful to me, and because my bridge has healed up so nicely and it was such a great experience, my mom has been a lot more lenient and almost supportive of my body mod addiction and intentions (Yay! Excellent). All in all a fantastic experience, and I would strongly recommend this studio to anyone, especially if the parental consent they require is hesitant.


submitted by: ViciousHannah
on: 24 June 2004
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Brit
Studio: Eye+of+the+Lotus
Location: Edmonton+%28corner+of+107th+ave+and+115st%29

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