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Still not a mid-life crisis.

Yeh, like I was saying, I'm a 45 year old photographer, and I got my ear done, but with a gun, hurrumph, now onward and upward, or something....

I've recently been taking pics of tattoos and piercings, the idea started with my first Goth shoot, and stuck in my mind. While I like the LOOK of all that leather and PVC and stuff, the tattoos and piercings have really stuck in my mind.

I've loved the idea of tattoos for years, ever since school I suppose. Well, that's not strictly true. When I was in school, it was a needle and Indian ink, and if you were lucky, a friend who could spell. When I left school, I started work in a heavy engineering factory, filled with ex navy and ex merchant navy guys, with a million stories, and a few hundred tattoos.

A friend of mine got a tatt when I was about 25, and I thought it was amazing. The artistry was way better than anything I could have imagined. The bug had bitten. Unfortunately, I still don't have a tatt, but there's time. (This is not a mid-life crisis.)

I did, however get my ear pierced after a great deal of badgering by a model, but since it was done by a gun, it doesn't count. Had I known that, I'd have wimped out on the day, but it's done, and it's staying. (This is not a mid life crisis.)

Now it's the turn of my eyebrow, left, and a whopping great barbell through it. OK, Ok, maybe it's not that big, but it FEELS like it to me. I had actually planned this almost immediately after the ear incident, but only got it done last week.

I was in Glasgow, the one in Scotland that is, on a shoot, with a totally virgin skinned model. I mentioned that she hadn't even had her ears pierced, she said she was scared. She'd love to get them done, but was scared. After a couple of hours and telling her I wanted my brow done, she asked if she could come along, of course I said yes. ( no, not a mid life crisis).

Wednesday, we meet in Glasgow, and by the way, it's really cool to walk down a busy street with an absolutely stunning model at your side, boy is it cool. Anyway I took her to the Glasgow Piercing Studio, as I'd already booked ahead. No need, it was very quiet.

We went in, I chose the bar, (like I said, huge Big Arnie could hardly lift it, honest, huge it is), and in 5 mins and only a slight sting, it was in. Admittedly a bit of a telling off for screwing my face up and saying " don't hurt me " several times , but it was done, no fuss, and almost no pain. What a wimp I have been all these years, nothing to it. Admittedly, I didn't look at the tools, I spotted a very thick needle being sterilised, and pretended to be really cool, but refused to look at anything else, the whole time. No crisis there...

With very little convincing Sarah was on the bench and had two holes in one lobe, and THREE in the other, boy is she making up for lost time. She also complimented me for being so brave when the girl stuck that huge needle through my eye (?). She might be having a pre midlife crisis, but I'm not.

Three days later, the most monumentally stupid dog on earth, swiped me with his paw and out the bar came, although how he could move such a huge bar, I'll never know. The dog is a 120lb Labrador who was in the wrong queue when they were handing out brains, but is incredible loveable, except when he rips your eyebrow bar out.

So, there we go, waited 45 years, lasted 3 days. At least the ear is still there. Oh, and I now have a spare (huge) bar if anyone..... I was going to go back and get the other brow done, but I know what'll happen, my wife has obviously trained the dog to go after metal, so I think it's about time I had a tribal tatt instead, lets see the stupid animal rip that off, oh no, don't even think it.....

I have just mounted the bar above the fireplace, below the moose head, huge it is. Maybe when it heals properly, I'll try again, but I've already heard scary stories about piercing scar tissue, good excuse to be a wimp again methinks. That's it. I'll get the Chinese symbol for wimp tattooed on my, on my, now where's the least painful place for a tattoo???

And, no, I'm not having a mid-life crisis, yet.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 June 2004
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Carol%28%3F%29
Studio: Glasgow
Location: Glasgow%2C+Scotland

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